10 Things you want to do in your Quarantined Spring Month

The all-favourite spring, the season to go berry picking or on long drives, is here and we are all locked down inside our houses. But at Fuzia, we are not losing hope and have brought you a list of things that you can do to enjoy the spring and feel it from the comfort of your homes. Have a happy Quarantined Spring Month, folks!

Hey, spring is here! Where are you?

Yea, we know that quarantine is not one of the best times to be enjoying the month of spring but come on, it comes once a year, right? This year we have an added bonus (though it is not exactly a bonus with the stress, anxiety, and depression many of us are facing because of the pandemic, but we always believe in the glass being half full) — you have got some extra time on your hands! We know we’ve got you excited, so we will skip the small talk and get started with our customised Quarantined Spring List without further ado: 1. Make your favourite spring coolers

You have all the ingredients available in the market and that too just in time for summers. Get those berries, lemons, mint and what not and fix yourself a refreshing drink. You can whip some smoothies or make your own mocktails with that cute little umbrella to add some ‘pretty’ in your drink; just like you’ve always wanted to. And if you feel lazy someday, a quick cool glass of lemonade will be enough too!

2. Plant your own spring garden

Do you know how to make your pretty little drink perfect? By making it with your own home-grown herbs and berries! Get started on your spring gardening in your backyard, porch, or balcony and bring the outdoors inside your house. If you don’t find designer pots in the quarantine, you can cut and paint old bottles or style old tin cans to bring that extra colour and happiness in your house.

3. Learn to perfect your eyeliner

If you have always wanted to get the perfect stroke of eyeliner in one go but never got the courage to risk practising it before you leave for your office, now is the time, woman! Take out that bottle or brush and rock it. You go, girl!

4. Rejuvenate your body

It is spring and you have cucumbers, ripe tomatoes and all the other amazing stuff in the market. Use these fresh ingredients for making various face masks and face packs. Do a manicure or a pedicure at your home, buff the dead skin cells, and feel good about yourself. Make those healthy detoxifying drinks you have wanted to make to get glowing skin but could not for the lack of time. Let your body be happy. It deserves it after your long day at work (yea, we can’t really ignore all the work meetings and reports you make or class assignments you write daily).

5. Find your perfect spring read

There is nothing better than getting up early, taking your favourite book into your balcony or porch and reading it while sipping from a hot cup of coffee with birds singing in your background. Romantic much, eh? Well, you deserve it. So go, get that Jane Austen, Toni Morrison, or John Green and get started!

6. Refresh your house
Just like your body, your house needs to be refreshed too this spring. Clean and de-clutter it; change the furniture setting, and your house will look new and fresh. Try getting some seasonal flowers/wildflowers if you can, and let your house smell of spring!

7. Re-do your balcony/porch

Clean up your outdoor area and get some soft and fluffy cushions out of your storerooms for your outdoor furniture. Plant some seasonal flowers, hang some fairy lights, fill a pot with water and add some rose petals and floating candles in it. Ta-da! You are in your new dream world. If you want, you can paint some cushion covers or design some DIY decorative trinkets for this area. Sip your cooler in that white summer dress every evening sitting on your new porch and forget about all your worries this spring; all from the comfort of your home!

8. Transform a stock tank into a swimming pool

We have all dreamt of having a swimming pool at least once in our lives. If the local hardware shops are open, then get a stock tank and convert it into your own DIY pool this spring-summer. As an alternative, you can bring an old bucket or tub out, fill it with some rose petals and bath salts and get a mini pool for your feet.

9. Make homemade ice cream

Not being able to go to an ice cream parlour for those scrumptious sundaes is the thing we’re missing the most this season. If you are missing those treats too, you can make your own ice creams at home from scratch to capture the essence of summer. If you don’t want to work much on this front, just freeze some lemonade with a spoon held in a glass by a rubber band and two paper clips for a fast and easy Popsicle.

10. Make pickles

If you like eating pickles, then chuck the shelved pickled in the grocery stores this summer, buy your favourite items from the market, and make your own pickles. We bet you will love them!

Did you like this listicle? Do let us know which activity attracted you the most in the comments section below and do not forget to post the picture of your summer cooler on Fuzia or on the Fuzia app. And while you enjoy the season, we also suggest you spend this time learning some online courses that will help you to strengthen your resumes.


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