5 Guilty Pleasures You Shouldn’t be Guilty About

Sometimes it is okay to tread on a guilt trip road and do the things off your routine to keep yourself happy and the notorious child in you alive. Let’s explore more on five guilty pleasures that you can practice

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Guilty pleasures are the true essence of joy. It’s in these moments we feel happy to let ourselves go and do what we like without feeling any guilt. But can be a cheat day at the gym or perhaps binging on Netflix without feeling guilty. Guilt is usually assumed as a negative emotion, but it can be used to boost a little self enthusiasm too.

Scientists say, there are varied types of guilty pleasures for every individual. Not all approve of each other. Like, for example, nerds have the guilty pleasure of picking some other genre book and reading on it. While someone else may like masturbating while watching the sunrise — Yes, Guilty pleasures are weird and different to everyone.

Here are 5 no guilt — guilt pleasures you can try out for yourself -

1. Sometimes, Procrastinate -

Like, the work is piling up and time is slipping like sand. Days are rushing to make the night and there you are, not feeling like working. What generally we do is, push ourselves to fit in the schedule and sit through our routine the entire week. Sometimes, you can let it slip. Call it off, the work, the jogging session, the cleaning routine. Lie all day on your bed and do nothing. Yes, your judgmental side of the brain gets you hard and starts pouring questions, hush it. Tune into nothingness, no matter how guilty it makes you feel.

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2. A day off from social media -

Don’t answer that pending text on WhatsApp, don’t like the Instagram picture of your best friend if you are not in the mood. Take a day off. Inform your loved ones, today is your day off. Keep your gadgets on a table, ditch them and go out to spend some time with nature. Maybe, grab a book, take a hammock, go tie it in your jungle or nearest park, and spend quality time with yourself and nature. You can also tune into your favourite radio channel and listen to some buzz. Or maybe pick that crayon and scribble on a blank sheet without caring for the results. Do ‘you’ and have zero guilt in not answering anybody that day!

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3. Pep talk to your pets -

We know you are lying if you tell you don’t create your own Grammy’s/Oscar speech while you are watching it. We like a little glamour touch here and there. So, take your pet as your favourite audience and shoot your glorious motivation speech. It feels childish, but it does rush the adrenaline.

4. Overdressing with no guilt -

On a regular day, go throw some sass on the streets. We know you have been waiting too long to wear that dress and saving it up for something special. But, go bonkers. Open your wardrobe, wear the fanciest dress you own because dressing up is your thing and (hush) secret guilty pleasure. Apply that bold red lipstick on a workday. Don’t wait for the occasion, because you already are one hell of a celebration! Dress up without waiting for any occasion

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5. Binge Netflix/Youtube guilt-free -

Set up the fairy lights, light a candle or two, take a long warm shower, and get cosy on your bed with your favourite munchies. Now, get set go, on your favourite Netflix shows. Binge it, re-watch guilt-free. Here are the top shows which people binge on — Squid Game, Friends, Breaking Bad, Money Heist, Stranger things and much more. You can refer to this blog for suggestions.

There are various ways apart from the ones mentioned above. Guilty pleasures are often classified into intellectual guilty pleasures and average people. Entrepreneurs are expected to have a guilty pleasure of watching a Knicks game while minimum wage earners watch reality TV shows — this is a stereotype created by marketing/advertising agencies to boost their TRP’s. Do not fall into such traps.

Like every other part of our body, the brain too needs rest. You will just make things worse for you if you don’t let yourself lose once in a while. The more you consider yourself crazy or a bad person for doing something, the urge to do it always arises. Research shows that all the people who are beginning their journey on dieting are taught self-compassion — these are the ones who go back to their diet schedule. And the ones who are hard on themselves, ruin it all for their body. Spend some time every week to do what you feel like.

Watching the Kardashians won’t make you any dumber or smarter. But it will make you feel good, and ultimately, that is our goal! Join our Fuzia community and share your guilty pleasures in the comments below. It’s time to (Like the band Queen says)BREAK-FREE.




Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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