Like one of the most famous cinematic quotes says “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.” We live in a time when everything can be monetized. Every skill, every hobby, every art can seek its share of consumers. This makes gaining financial independence much more feasible than ever before.

Financial independence is the first step to a meaningful adulthood. Financial independence, in India, has never been taken as seriously as right now. This is especially true for this decade, as India, for the first time in its history has seen moving-out culture on such a massive scale. It has become a tradition and for you to keep up with, the key is financial independence. It doesn’t matter if you have not already moved out, but financial independence is fundamental for any adult these days. And so here is a list of hobbies that can help you become financially independent-


Picture Credit: Study.com One of the most popular side-sources of income for youngsters these days is writing. For people with a talent to write, the opportunities are endless. There are many remote jobs and freelancing jobs available on the internet today. It is easy to take up and for someone with a talent, it is fun to keep up. you can be a copy-writer, an editor, a blogger, a scriptwriter, a ghostwriter, a news writer, or just about anything in the spectrum. The days are gone when your talent is limited to your diaries when you can put them up on the internet and convert it to financial returns.


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We live in a world where everything is expressed on social media. From art to opinion. And everything needs to be presented attractively. Too many people who have artistic talents and illustration skills are earning a lot of money on the internet, if you are already acquainted with the software skills to convert your imagination into digital art, you can already start earning from it. Many social media content creators rely highly on freelancers for their art and illustration work. The better your skills are; the more money you make. Not just content creators, but you can directly sell it to brands who will pay you if they find your art usable for their products.
Not just on the internet, but the old-school canvas painting is more than just a hobby for someone good at it. People often collect paintings from new painters because it is unseen and fresh. If you can create that, you can monetize that.


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Many people waste their opportunity to get some financial returns of the most popular hobby. Cooking. Many people enjoy cooking and do it quite often. If you are one of those people who like to experiment with food and think that your experiments turn out quite well, then this is just the one for you. With cloud kitchens being the new thing, you can now turn your food into a from-home business by collaborating with third-party food services like Zomato and Swiggy. This is easier than running a restaurant and just as profitable as if you run it rightly. If not cooking, you can still use your knowledge about food to write food-critiquing blogs and reviews. This is a great way to commercialize your hobby and taken one step closer to financial independence.


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Photography is one of the most beautiful hobbies to have. Photography is both an art and a skill at once. If you are really good, it is also a form of story-telling. And if you are smart enough, it is a way to alternate income. You can either sell your photographs to websites or magazines as a freelancer, or you can physically cover various events like weddings and parties. It is even better and more financially viable if you can also edit these photographs and videos. These things are extremely well-paid if you are good at it. we live in a time when all your skills can be monetized for the good.


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This is a time of DIY crafts. Handicrafts are raising too much popularity in recent times. Anything you can design and make with your own hands that have a utility or a decorative use is a handicraft. Do you think you can recycle the products around you to make something beautiful? Do you think that you can stitch something that someone else can use? Can you make flower pots or flowers out of bottle rags and newspapers? If you have the skill to make something small and beautiful from scratch, you might be happy to know that it is more than just a hobby. It is a scope for monetary gains and financial independence. It can seem like a negligible amount of money at once, but talented people make a huge amount of money just by advertising and selling their everyday craftworks.

As we said before, we live in a time when everything can be monetized. Every skill, every hobby, every art can seek its share of consumers. So these are only some of the examples of hobbies that can help you gain financial independence. Like one of the most famous cinematic quotes says “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.”

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