5 Humans of Fuzia Women Who Are Working to Uplift Other Women!

It’s 2021 and women are leading the world and are also supporting fellow women while they are at it. We are proud to announce five Humans of Fuzia women who shared their journeys with us.

What is Humans of Fuzia?

Humans of Fuzia (HOF) is a dedicated platform by the Fuzia organization that brings out the inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs and role models. It offers a space for women to talk about their experiences, struggles, and journeys. We conduct interviews with them and talk about their individual accomplishments and challenges so that our readers can learn more about these remarkable women. HOF helps them to get their message out there while extending support and recognition on the behalf of the organization.

At Fuzia, we believe that every girl/woman has a story to tell and these stories have the power to influence millions. These women have made their mark on the world with very little or no support. They have endured a lot during their journeys to the top but emerged victorious despite all the odds set against them. They have not only built a life for themselves, but they are also working to support other women and communities. Through HOF, we celebrate these women and everything they stand for.

Odette Habonimana

Odette Habonimana is the Country Director at Burundi Friends International, a non-profit that fights poverty in Burundi by creating education, healthcare, and self-sustaining enterprise opportunities. She takes after her mother, who was also a peacebuilder and is helping empower Burundian women through women empowerment clubs (WECs)in the area. The clubs address women’s concerns and educate them with skills and knowledge for economic and social independence. It supports them to maintain a healthy family and community.

Kim David

Kim David is a Guyanese-American strategy and innovation consultant, an artist, and an entrepreneur. She offers creative and meaningful solutions to businesses and growing professionals. During the course of her career, she realized how hard it is for women of color to make a name for themselves. Thus, she is helping women of color invest in themselves and build a world of their own. David notes that given the challenges of neocolonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy, women need to support one another and fight together for establishing equality in society.

Sailaja Manacha

Sailaja Manacha is a trained psychologist, psychotherapist, and executive coach who is helping women in business gain effective leadership qualities. She is the founder of Physis, an organization that “engages individuals, groups and management teams who seek mastery in powerful living, a deeper personal awareness and leadership impact that produces sustainable results”. She has founded a course, and a book called “Step Up” to guide women in financial plans and career counseling. She has fused psychology with leadership for them to gain a better understanding of themselves and run their enterprises smoothly. Manacha is trying to turn women into influential leaders through her unique approach towards their development.

Susan J Schwartz

Susan J Schwartz is a CASA State Director and CEO at Soul Selah LLC, a platform that gives women an opportunity to grow through one-on-one coaching. They organize weekend retreats and support groups to facilitate women. She likes to maintain authenticity and allow others to embark on the journey of self-discovery. Schwartz fights against the societal expectation that tries to put constraints on women and their freedom. Through her coaching, the lives of many women have transformed, and they were successfully able to ward off attacks. She wants women with pain to heal, embrace and love themselves.

Kate Kiama

Kate Kiama is a Director of Programs at She’s the First, an organization that finds, funds, and supports solutions to educate and empower women. She is a staunch feminist who also happens to be a lawyer. She uses her legal knowledge for the welfare of young girls and women. She works with organizations that do not have any legal support. The nonprofit has trained and mentored about 75 local organizations that work for the upliftment of around 11,000 girls. They ensure that every girl is educated, respected, and heard. Kiama wishes to keep working towards women empowerment and gender equality.

We firmly believe in women’s power. These strong women of Fuzia leave no stone unturned in supporting other women. They use their knowledge and resources in this mission.

For more such motivating stories of exceptional women, head over to the Humans of Fuzia page. Also, if you have a story worth sharing, then fill this form and we will reach out. On a different note, you can read some insightful blogs on the Fuzia website.

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