5 ways to save like a pro and not be broken by the end of the month!

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Adulting is tough, but saving money is tougher. You can’t ask your parents for money and there is no hostel roommate to save your soul. But don’t worry, we have got you. Here are some tips and tricks to save like a pro and not be broke by the end of the month:

  1. Stick to lists -

Make a list when you go grocery shopping and stick to it. There are a million products that catch our fancy on our grocery runs. If you make it a habit to buy what you have written-down and genuinely need, you will save a lot of money on unnecessary items. Added bonus — you will save enough time to finish another episode of the series you are watching.

2. Compare before you buy -

Do an online check before buying anything. Check various sites and even visit offline stores before you buy stuff. You know what, you might even lose the urge to buy the product if you wait long enough — and if that happens, you will realize that it wasn’t worth your money anyway.

You can also check with your insurance companies and banks for their interest rates, compare their services with that of other companies, and decide if you are paying more than what you are getting. The small difference of 0.5–1% might not seem big enough, but it adds up over time.

3. Saving starts from home -

If you are one of those people who eat out regularly or go on coffee dates with friends every weekend, take a rain check — not on your friends, but on these unnecessary expenses. Cooking your daily meals at home will not only keep your spending in check, but you will also be aware of the things you are putting into your body. Trust us, you will start eating healthy and feel better about yourself (with the added benefit of saving thousands on your hospital bills in middle or old-age. Now that is what we call saving like a pro!)

Instead of eating out with your friends or meeting for coffee and croissants every other week, invite them over for a game night or a binge sesh. You can also circulate your girls nights or have pot luck parties at one another’s places. It will save you a lot of bucks and will also give you the liberty to be as loud as you can without caring about any social etiquette.
Another way you can save money easily is by switching off your ACs, lights, fans, televisions, etc. when not in use. You can also go for energy-saving options like LED bulbs.

4. Check your subscriptions -

Check your entertainment-related subscriptions and note where you are spending your money without gaining anything. If you are a streaming-platform person, cancel your cable subscription. Cancel all the magazine and app subscriptions that you do not use. Another way to save money on entertainment is by chipping in with friends. Share your accounts and split-up the cost. That is a thousand bucks saved every month right away!

Talking about subscriptions, become a member of the stores you visit frequently and make a separate email account for these. Almost all of these memberships are free and come with added benefits. Check this email account for coupons or offers and use these while shopping.

5. Cashbacks -

Use apps that give you cash back and pay all your bills online. You will realize that you will save about 10% extra every month just by paying your bills from the comforts of your home!

This might get tricky while shopping online as you might want to buy things just because they are on sale and are convenient to buy. When this happens, remember that you have to stick to the list we talked about in point 1.

In addition to these easy tips, we strongly recommend you to keep a tab of your monthly expenditure. Be it 10 bucks or 1000, make a note of it and analyze it at the end of every month. You will know where you are spending uselessly and when you see things in writing, you will definitely want to spend less. Also, spending money on bags of chips, bottles of alcohol, and packs of cigarettes is a total waste. Save your body and money by cutting back on these things that you do not need.

Do not leave your gym though to save money (wink, wink).

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