7 All-Time Movies that Dog-Lovers Shouldn’t Miss!

Some movies never get old. No matter how many times you watch them, they will remind you of the time you watched them for the first time and will take you on a ride down the memory lane. While these movies are one category, there is another category of movies that will make you feel good and loved. They are dog movies! Read this blog on 7 all-time movies that dog lovers should not miss.

No matter what the season is, there are some movies which always feel relatable and movies about dogs top the list! Dog lover or not, these movies will make you crave to pet and cuddle with a furball till it wags its tail, licks your face, and completely covers you in its affection. But wait; get a tissue box before you watch these movies. We bet you won’t be able to control your tears:

1. Marley & Me

This Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and a super adorable Labrador retriever starrer is a must-watch for every dog lover. The movie is full of Marley’s antics and the life lessons he teaches to his human family as they all struggle to manage their personal and professional lives while keeping Marley and themselves out of trouble (that more often than not, are created by Marley). Ending on an emotional note, the movie will want you to go out and adopt a dog asap!

2. 101 Dalmatians

This 1996 movie based on the 1961 adaptation of a novel by the same name by Walt Disney needs no introduction. Roger, Anita, Pogo, Perdy, and most importantly, Cruella de Vil have been household names for years. The adventures that follow after Pogo and Perdy’s pups are stolen by Cruella’s henchmen are thrilling and funny at the same time. As the movie ends, we bet you will be nostalgic about your childhood days and start binge-watching your favourite Disney shows and movies.

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

When a music professor finds a lost puppy on a station platform, he takes him home for the night. Eventually, they get close and Hachi, the Japanese pup, becomes a part of the family. Everyone warms up to the pup, but Hachi is closest to Parker, the music professor who had rescued him. The movie revolves around their love for each other and Hachi’s loyalty to Parker.

4. Bolt

Who doesn’t like superheroes? Trust us, super-dogs are better. This movie about a little 8-year-old girl, Penny, and her adopted dog, Bolt, who gets lost in an attempt to find his Penny as he believes that she has been kidnapped, will teach you a lot of values like friendship, love, and humanity. This movie also features other animals, Hollywood, and plans for a Las Vegas trip (because come on, why should humans have all the fun?)
Excited to watch this movie? Switch on your television sets, connect them to your Wi-Fi and “super bark”!

5. Lassie

Do you believe that true love always finds its way? Well, if you don’t, then this movie will make you believe it! Lassie, the Collie dog, is sold by a family to a Duke after they have financial problems. But the dog, who loves his old family, keeps returning to them — so what if she has to travel for 500 miles, climb mountains, swim rivers, save herself from dog catchers, and escape miscreants? She reaches home, is allowed to stay there and the movie ends with the family playing with her and her puppies. No, we didn’t give you a spoiler (or maybe we did, one can not watch a dog movie).

What’s better than a dog? Eight dogs!

This movie about survival is not your typical dog movie. It is set in Antarctica and shows the adventures of eight dogs that have been left behind in extreme weather conditions and have to struggle a lot to survive. After a lot of efforts, their human comes back to save them and they are taken back to civilization, but reduced in number.

This buddy cop comedy film is a treat. It has adventure, thrill, friendship, love, mystery, and a French Mastiff! Because it is a mystery, we won’t say much about it except that it is starred by Tom Hanks. Yes, we’ve said it out loud and given you more than enough reasons to include it in your wishlist.

We hope that this list sorted out your weekend binge-watching worries. Let us know which movie you liked the best in the comments section. And if you have a dog friend, then flaunt them on Fuzia.

Oh, and if you cannot wait for the weekend to watch some dogs in action, then check out this blog of cute and funny animal videos for a quick “oh, how adorable” fix!

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