7 Basic Leadership Ethics Followed By Famous Leaders!

5 min readJul 12, 2022


Leadership isn’t taught; it’s learned. And the basic thumb rule of being a great leader is not complicated- it’s indeed simpler than you think! You are only required to be an empathetic person. Empathy is the key to unlocking outstanding leadership. And maybe that’s why the great leaders who we make our role models have compassion in abundance in them!

For instance, let’s consider some of the most prominent CEOs who run successful companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Reliance, Cognizant, Paypal, Morgan Stanley, Wipro and many more companies; who decided to did not lay off their employees during the hard times like these, i.e., COVID-19. The world had been falling apart because of the pandemic, but these companies decided to stick with their people because they know the most critical asset, which makes the foundation strong is its human resources. And so to let go of them would be equivalent to let go of the company’s prosperousness. Sure, these companies may have faced some losses, but they decided to follow the no-layoff policy when the rest of the employed force was getting unemployed.

Similarly, leaders possess several more qualities, which is why they are called leaders and not bosses! The reason they have mastered the art of handling people, they have been able to lead with example.

Here are a few ethics in which you will find some of the greatest leaders following day in and out. These ethics have also contributed majorly to their successful journey:-

Always Have A Role Model To Look Up To

Having a role model is beneficial, as well as crucial. They may not have fought similar battles as we have, but they may have gone through something even more vulnerable or awful. And so when we come across people who have suffered so much and are still able to make it a huge success, it not only inspires us but gives us a sense of self-belief within ourselves.
You look up to that person and take inspiration whenever you feel down, bad, depressed and gain your courage again.

Value And Respect The People Who Work For You

Respect does not see any age, gender, colour except the kind of person you are. So if you deserve respect, you deserve it! People who come together to make your business touch the sky reach the highest of its potential and stand firm and work extra hard when it faces any lows; those people deserve respect and recognition. Because your company is what your staff makes it. If you take the humans out of the organization, you indeed are not left with anything but a fancy building with a brand name; that is it.

Never Fear Failures, But Take It As A Lesson

Failure is a print we are often taught to avoid or see it as demeaning. But why do we forget that the most famous leaders, entrepreneurs, and for that matter, every successful individual have skimmed through multiple odds and still have sailed well in their lives? You may suffer emotionally, financially, physically or even psychologically; your failures never define you. Always remember, people only look at success after tons of failures, and that is the primary thing which counts.

Make Sure You Lead By Example

When you achieve something achievable, it gives a feeling to the others that-” If you can do it, then why not them.” It gives other people satisfaction and a punch of motivation at the same time. Once you lead with example, more people tend to follow your footsteps, ways, tactics and move towards the path of success.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Calculated Risks

No one becomes successful by merely “playing it safe.” However, to avoid any significant loopholes in future, it’s always wise to take calculated risks. If you have some financial backup to stumble on, it’s easier to get back on your own swiftly; otherwise, it gets a little harder. However, in either situation, you undoubtedly sail through if you are rational and headstrong in the situation.

Great Leaders Don’t Consider Them As Great

A great leader does not believe themselves to be great. Instead, they make others feel great with genuine admiration.
It’s only us and the others who know that they are much superior to us. Being on the ground and aiming for the sky is the approach they adopt. They are one kind of tribe that does not get threatened or insecure if anybody is wiser, courageous, talented, or knowledgeable; in short, one step ahead of them. But instead, they would go all the way round to get the same person in their troop.

Leaders Are Non-Judgemental And Unbiased

Leaders identify what’s your strengths and weaknesses. And they make sure to harness the qualities that lie in your work and eliminate the shortcomings that may hamper your performance. They would never compare you with anybody else except the prior version of your personality that you had. They would push you to excel in what you have calibre in and get better at it with time. They would never mock you for your uniqueness; neither would they be judgemental if you possess a trait that others don’t.

To Sum It Up

Being yourself and authentic is the most significant trait every leader possesses. They never worry about what people may think about them for taking a bold step. They do it, and later, the world looks up to it!

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