8 Ways To Self-Defend Yourself in Situations That Would Require You to.

Scared to walk home alone at night? Does some stranger follow you? Random boys staring at you in the bus? Don’t you worry, we all have been on that lane and we still go through it.

Scared to walk home alone at night? Does some stranger follow you? Random boys staring at you in the bus? Don’t you worry, we all have been on that lane and we still go through it.

Yes, we do! It’s not our dress people, it’s their filthy brain. In a recent survey, it’s found that out of 100 women, 81 face verbal abuse, stranger stalking and men brushing through the body while on the bus or on the train. Women who participated in self-defence courses or practised at home feel much safer than the rest. So what are we waiting for? You have all the courage to yell, but somehow physically you can’t compete because they said that women are weak to defend themselves. Who said that? Let’s diminish those talks and script out a new page of bravery. Listing out 8 ways to self defend yourself in such situations. All you gotta do is PRACTICE. Alright, here we go:-
1. Hammer strike

Always remember to avoid hitting towards the chest and knees. Chest and knees are the strong areas and those may provoke the attacker even more. Use your car keys and hold it in your tight fist as if you are holding a hammer. And then with an extreme force thrust down towards your target.
2. Groin kick

To perform this kick, first gain enough stability and balance. When the attacker is coming at you from the front, hit hard on the groin area. Hard enough to paralyze your attacker and help you escape easily. Always remember to lift your dominant leg. Make sure that you aren’t risking your fall over.
3. Heel palm strike

This move requires your dominant hand and flexing of your wrist. To perform this walk ahead towards your attacker as much as possible. Aim towards his nose, jabbing upwards of the nostrils. This will shove the attacker backwards and create a pathway to escape.
4. Elbow strike

If the attacker is close enough to you and not giving you enough space, then stabilize yourself with your core and legs. Bend your arm at the elbow and shift your weight slightly ahead. Now with all your force strike your elbow towards his jaw. This will loosen your attacker’s grip on you.
5. Alternative elbow strikes

In previous points, we discussed a face to face elbow strike. But what if he is facing towards your back. That’s when you lift your elbow to the shoulder height and with the help of your hip, rotate and strike him hard with your elbow on his chin. Thus you injure him and run away.

6. Escape from a ‘bear hug attack’

When the attacker grabs your waist from behind and blocks you from creating a free space all you gotta do is bend forward and shift your weight ahead. Now use the elbow strike from both the ends. Continue attacking till he loosens his grip, then turns and attacks his groin. This helps you create space to run and escape.
7. Escape with hands trapped

What if the attacker is holding towards your chest. The first thing you do is move your hips on one side and slap the groin with your dominant hand. The attacker will bend down. Now is your chance to take his one arm and turn it behind. Be as aggressive as you can. When the attacker gets on his knees, kick hard with your foot and run away quickly.
8. Escape from a side headlock

If the attacker locks his arms around your head then the first thing you do is turn towards the attacker’s side to avoid getting choked. Strike with your hand that is farther away to his groin. keep striking until you get yourself unlocked.

A gentle reminder, kindly carry sharp objects in your purse also carrying pepper spray would do wonders. We are often told to not step out when it’s dark. We are told to be in our limits and wear what the society pleases. This ends today, this ends right now. We wear what we choose. We are women with power. Remember, you are as strong as you believe you are. Also, in the midst of these crises, taking care of your mental health is very important. Read this blog for further help https://www.fuzia.com/blog/details/tried-and-true-keys-to-keep-handy-for-emotional-wellbeing-on-mental-health Much power and safety to you.

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