Overspending is a common barrier to achieving key financial goals. Spending more than you can afford, or buying things you simply don’t need impacts your financial stability. Here are some tips to avoid impulsive buying and save money.

Indian captain Mithali Raj became the first woman cricketer to complete 22 years in the sport. Here’s all we need to know about her journey.

When Mithali Raj took the field on Sunday, June 27, against England, she wasn’t only representing her country but also setting a record as she became the first woman cricketer with a career spanning 22 years. She is the only cricketer after Sachin Tendulkar across men’s and women’s cricket. Tendulkar played for a total of 22 years and 91 days.

Indian Wrestler, Priya Malik, clinched gold at the World Cadet Championship on Sunday, 25th of July, in Hungary. She defeated Kseniya Patapovich, 5–0, in the summit clash and won the gold medal. Malik won in the women’s 73 kg category.

Mirabai Chanu made the country proud as she won a silver medal in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Here’s all you need to know about her.

It’s a dream for every athlete to win a medal in the most prestigious of sports events in the world, the Olympics, and Mirabai Chanu was no exception. After a year-long delay and a lot of speculation, the Tokyo Olympics were finally thrown open, and with it, India’s 21-year long wait for a medal in weightlifting came to an end. Cheers erupted among the Indian contingent and spectators back home…

Careers in a creative field usually involve imagination and original thinking, particularly by creating work in the arts and media. In this list, read more about 7 careers well-suited for creative people.

We are no strangers to gender inequality in our society. But have you ever noticed how the space provided for women reinforces the idea of inequality? Take a look.

A few weeks ago, The Times of India published a piece by columnist Jug Suraiya, where he talked about the architecture of his Gurgaon home. Designed by an award-winning architect, the kitchen in the house was a small and cramped-up space that resembled a “not very large walk-in closet.” …

With the pandemic, our offices moved into our rooms, making things more stressful and often leading to burnout. Here’s what Bumble did to help their employees cope.

Is feminism different from gender equality? How? Often used as interchangeable synonyms, feminism and gender equality are two distinct terms. Read the article to gain more clarity on the difference between feminism and gender equality.

Strong and inspiring female leads, a storyline that perfectly captures the struggles of women and an inspiring fight against all odds to rise to the challenge is the perfect recipe for a genuine women empowerment movie.

Nothing is more inspiring than a well-made film to uplift and empower women all around the world. And in a world like ours where women still face inequalities, abuse, harassment and are often helpless, a good movie inspires not only the women to empower themselves but inspires everyone around them to help them get empowered.

Strong and…

The imbalance between work life and personal life has been exacerbated by the lockdown. The blurring lines have now started to take a toll on our stay at home. If you too are wondering how to make the most of your stay at home this summer, this article is for you.


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