Body Insecurity Issues for Women With Tiny Breasts

Flat chest, did you even go through puberty? You should consult a doctor, or maybe this pill…. Shhhh — Enough of it!

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We all have our own body insecurity issues. What is never talked about is the tiny breasts. We talk about fat-shaming and we talk about normalising saggy breasts. We talk about stretch marks and we also keep talking about so many other things. But this, the topic of tiny breasts, people hardly consider. It is far away from normalisation. Forget normalising, it is far away from openly discussing!

We, women, have different bodies and personas. Breast sizes vary from woman to woman and this, certainly cannot question her womanhood. Flat chests are always frowned upon. Many women undergo breast augmentation to overcome this shame and guilt poured by others. The need to be accepted by this class of women is massive. It’s time that we address it.

- Flat chests are normal

It’s 2022 and we are struggling with so many things, breasts should be the last thing we are struggling for. Every breast is normal, but wait, is it though? The plastic surgeons, the influencers, the actors, they all have normalised big breasts which ooze out of the dress, those which have cleavage. And small breasts are always frowned upon by society.

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As women with tiny breasts, we naturally get comments like, “Did you even hit puberty?”, “You should try the surgery because this actress did and her breast and now big and plumpy”, “Men like big boobs, what will you do with a small chest?”, “You look just like a man”.

Many women in the European regions have small breasts and this is totally normal. It is not a disease or health issue to be concerned about. Some women have low oestrogen levels and high testosterone — this does NOT make them less of a woman. This is normal.

- Depression in women with flat chests

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An article shows how breast size is causing unhappiness in women around the globe. Women are going through lots of depression and mental health issues due to this. Why? Because the world just can’t stop commenting on their breast size yet and they too, carry low self-esteem due to how the media popularised big breasts and does not acknowledge flat/small breasts.

- No bras for flat chest

Let’s talk about the basics first, forget normalising that’s a far-away topic — okay. Let’s consider one of your favourite capitalist lingerie brands — go check out if they make bras for small breasts — the answer is always a No. Very few brands are normalising small breasts. There needs to be a major shift, a storm that takes over the industry and normalises women with tiny breasts.

Women go to the shop to buy their size and they get bras which don’t fill their breast size, leaving lots of empty space. This makes them feel miserable about the size they already carry. It’s a shame that we have evolved so much and yet we still don’t normalise basic necessities required to women of all sizes and shapes.

Sure, there’s a fat movement, but there also needs to be a small breast movement where we make lingeries for these women and we celebrate their size. This is not to be frowned upon or worked upon, this is to be embraced with joy and accepted.

- Fun facts of having a flat chest

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Did you know that out of all these cons, having a small breast is a major pro? Well, well, woman, we got you. Don’t you worry. We will list you some fun facts that you and only you get to enjoy with your itty bitties. So, wipe away your tears and brace yourself -

- Small breasts don’t sag — Breast sagging is a major issue for every woman, but guess what? You don’t have to worry and you have perky little cute boobs

- Sleep in any position you like — Sleep on your tummy or sideways, you don’t need to get disturbed by your breast size!

-Wear anything you like — V-neck or tiny tops you got it all. Slay in whatever you like to wear and you are going to rock the attire!

- No bra = Yes happiness — Women in general hate bras, they lock our chests away. There you are, with no worries. Having itty bitties gives you full access to go out without a bra and without any worries of them sagging or twerking around!

Body shaming can affect the mental health of anybody. It’s a very sensitive topic to be dealt with. Read this blog to know more about it and how to overcome these issues in the meantime.

Conclusion -

Long explanation short — You rock with those itty bitties and the world needs to get themselves together. Things have to work your way and we are here raising voices for you to rise up and shine like the woman you are. Encourage yourself and love yourself. Your breast size is just perfect.

Remember that this makes you more of a woman and don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise. Also, if anyone tells you that you need a boob job to please yourself and men, you know what to do — not listen to a word!

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