Bored of Books but Love Literature? Here are 7 Film adaptations of internationally acclaimed novels

If you love books but do not have time to read them, then this blog is just for you!

With Netflix coming out with series based on brilliant books like Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy” and Vikram Chanda’s “Sacred Games”, we felt like revisiting some wonderful books and their film adaptations too. While most bibliophiles will prefer the books to the movies, we don’t want you to miss out on some amazing plots, stories, and characters because you might not get enough time to read these. So, here is our list of book-to-movie adaptations for literature lovers like you!

This splendid adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s book by the same name will definitely take you to the mid-1800’s America. Pretty feminist in its approach, the 2019 movie, available on Amazon Prime Video in India, is the seventh film adaptation of the novel. With its brilliant direction and ensemble cast, the movie has won several awards and accolades.

2. Gone Girl -

Gather around postmodern fans; this book/movie is for you! This psychological thriller, originally written by Gillian Flynn, and starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris has all the elements you need for an amazing weekend afternoon — forensics, suspense, drama, and even a bit of romance. The movie is available on Netflix.

3. The Great Gatsby -

Based on the eponymous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this Leonardo DiCaprio movie was praised by Fitzgerald’s granddaughter himself! And that is all we will tell you about this movie (except that it is a romantic drama with a lot of entertainment).

4. We need to talk about Kevin -

This psychological thriller drama based on the book by Lionel Shriver talks about the relationship between a mother-son duo, Eva and Kevin. The movie can be watched from several perspectives including that of mental health concerns. We don’t give spoilers at Fuzia, but this one is necessary — this movie will make you feel sad, so watch at your own risk. However, it is a wonderful adaptation if psychological thriller is your genre.

5. Midnight’s children -

This movie does not give justice to the book and is a huge disappointment for those who have read Rushdie’s original piece of fiction, but it will be a shame if you love literature and have not read the masterpiece that Midnight’s Children is. So, we are including this movie here just to give you a glimpse of this magic-realist novel that connects the history of India with that of its protagonist.

Personal suggestion — please read the book. It is an amazing read and has no digital substitute!

6. To Kill a mockingbird -

This Harper Lee classic is not a lengthy one, but if you still cannot read it, then watch its movie adaptation. The book is important and you are missing out on a lot if you are not familiar with its plot. The novel revolves around ‘Scout’ and a particular period of her childhood as her father, Atticus, a lawyer, tries to defend an African-American man as he gets falsely accused of raping a white woman.

7. 12 years a slave –

This biographical period-drama film is a must-watch for those who ‘feel’. As the protagonist is kidnapped and forced into slavery, you will question a lot of things and reach your conclusions, thus fulfilling the prime purpose of art, life, and literature.

We wish we could tell you more about the storylines, but we don’t want to spoil these important pieces of literature for you. Why don’t you live these stories yourself by watching/reading them?

It was difficult for us to limit the number to 7 (trust us, we have 25–30 movies in our minds). We have deliberately not included obvious choices like the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Narnia series, and the like (of course, BBC adaptations of Shakespearean plays and Jane Austen books made the list). If you have not gotten a chance to watch these very popular movies, do watch them to enter different worlds that are better than the one we are living in right now (Oh Vaccine, come soon!)

If you are looking out for a more critical article on book-to-movie adaptations, we recommend you to read this article on the 10 best literary film adaptations of the decade by Literary Hub.

And when you get tired of watching these movies on books, consider watching these movies that every dog-lover should watch to make your week super adorable and ironically enough, ‘humane’. For more such content, visit today.

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