Confidence Conquers All! Here Is How and Why a Confident Woman Would Empower Other Women Better!

5 min readApr 18, 2020

Women have always been set against each other. To be prettier than other women, to work harder and earn more than other women. Basically, women are trained to replace women. But what’s been set aside is how confident women everyday empower other women. By words, by actions and by the kind of choices they make.

We might be living in a world that has come a long way in fighting against patriarchal norms, but we still cannot ignore the fact that our society and most members in it still have patriarchal tendencies that have been imprinted in our minds on a subliminal level.

This disparity in the treatment of men and women since generations have taken a major toll on the confidence level of each woman. And even when we come far enough in their pursuits, the world seems to never stop bidding women against women. Like a cat-fight, only a few get to win. And why is there such a fight in the first place? Because there are lesser vacancies for a woman.

It might sound absurd that women, even today, do not claim their equal rights and prestige in the world when the constitution clearly states equality. Why is that, and what needs to change?

If we need to claim our position in this world, we need to understand the fundamental reason as to why we are constantly battling other women:

1- Falling for the outdated narrative

Women have always been set against each other. To be prettier than other women, to work harder and earn more than other women. Basically, women are trained to replace women. It is almost like we forgot the bigger battle and started smaller battles. Understand and educate other women that there is abundant space for every single woman in this world. We no longer have to take success away from each other. There are enough opportunities in this world and enough potential within us. We can all be accomplished individuals if we stop projecting desperation and scarcity on to each other.

2- The pressure of ideal standards put before individuality

Women are judged harshly. It seems like there is a rule book that we hand over from one woman to the other on how to be. What our dreams should be, what our clothes should be, what is woman-like behavior and what isn’t. As long as women don’t stop making rules for other women, there will be no space for women to be perceived as an individual.

3- Strong women are considered competition and not motivation

The fault is not always in the external world. Sometimes it’s how we were taught to think that holds us back. Women are almost always expected to step on each other and we very well give into this narrative. This is a fact very well known that women in powerful positions make men uncomfortable. But what is sadder, is just how uncomfortable it makes other women. Understand that any woman accomplishing anything proves a point in favor of every single woman.

We know why and how women are bid against each other and how that is collectively bringing us all down. But to change this, we also need to know what we can do about it on an individual level.

This is how we can contribute to lifting other women up in our own capacity.

4. Help other women, in whatever capacity possible

If every successful woman in this world, commits to lifting up just one more woman, there will be double the number of successful women in this world. It is our responsibility. Feminism is a fresh concept, we hardly have one generation of women before us, who earned. This is the first generation where women are equally employed and there are conversations about equal wages. So it is only obvious that women have a lack of reference towards strong women. So women around the world need to create a strong support system where we are not waiting to attack and rip each other off.

5. Zero tolerance

Harassment at the workplace and almost everywhere has become so normal that we have almost started to ignore it or understand the gravity of it. This is mostly because women are at a constant fear of judgment and women can easily be replaced as long as other women are waiting to jump at the position. This makes it so much easier for men to get away with harassment. When you see or hear about a woman being harassed at the workplace, first of all, believe her. Take a stand. Call out to the individual who has mistreated her. Involve the authorities and take legal action immediately.

6. Keep an eye of the underprivileged women around you

Not only the women that study and work with you but reach out to help the women that come from socially underprivileged backgrounds. If you see young girls employed in shops, ask her about her educational situation. If you have house help, ask her if her daughters are going to school and if not educate them about the importance of education and sending girls to school. If you can afford to, even offer to pay for the school or the school supplies. Once you have made it through, help other women make it through.

7- Share your story

As a woman, share your story. Share how you faced and fought patriarchy and how it is possible to make it through. Share the stories about the women who you helped, and what they accomplished. Share stories about your specific battle. Body image issues, the pressure to fit in. Share your truth and insecurities and make successful women and their struggles look more human and more normal. Do your bit in breaking down the expectations of perfection from women. Encourage other women to let go of what society expects them to be and help them be what they truly want to be.

The point of feminism fails when the empowered woman turns against other women and makes it an in-house battle where we make each other our enemies.

“Women supporting each other, instead of competing against each other, brings unity and strength like no other.” ~ Julie Spira

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