Ever Imagined Physical & Mental Health At Your Doorstep?

Humans have advanced hugely but their needs are basic; mental and physical health in times of crisis cannot go unaddressed.

As we all contribute to fight coronavirus and help flatten the curve, we can use the extra time that we have got on our hands and use it to flatten the belly! Well, flattening the belly is not of primary significance, but you can always exercise to keep your body and mind healthy and sound.

Self-love can never be compromised as the stakes of not caring for ourselves are high. Loving the self is bliss when we have the right resources, we must use them and be more productive towards the benefits of society, but not at the cost of your well-being.

Thanks to the brilliant efforts of various marshals who have brought physical and mental health to our doorstep. We are locked inside our homes, for good but the entire experience can become overwhelming and might cause broodiness when we all are out of our learned routines and habits.

The new normal demands have re-defined fitness goals and well-being. From work from home to workout from home, we have found the perfect adjustments to our lives; saving ourselves, humanity and the earth.

Here are five top live platforms that are conducting live fitness sessions for us to keep motivated to self-love:

Cult.Fit: An amazing range of workout sessions from beginners to moderate to advance level. They are providing free fitness packs for your particular requirements, for instance- Belly Burn. Strength for seniors, lean body and many others! Quite a package for a daily workout routine!

Gold’s Gym: Download their app on your phone or laptop and get easy access to their wide range of over 600 audios and video workouts which is free for the entire month of May! Get started at goldsamp.com/promo, and enter promo code FIT60.

Orangetheory: Primarily about endurance class and targeting certain zones of heart rates, Orangetherapy has begun to upload free live sessions of 30-minutes workout at-home routine!

Rumble: All about “social fitness” and the boxing studio is hosting Instagram videos which includes cardio and bodyweight workout exercises. Do your rumble with them every morning and check out their IG feed for daily classes.

CorePower Yoga is offering free live sessions for yoga and is highly recommended if you don’t want to break your yoga flow! Visit their YouTube channel today for free yoga sessions from home and set a reminder when they go live. Subscribe and start stretching.

Tone It Up: You would never want to waste your toned legs by sitting at home all day munching, working but not working out. Tone It Up has announced that they will extend endurance and toning exercises and fitness videos for 30 days on their app.

My personal favourite, founders of Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina will be going live on the @ToneItUp Instagram throughout the week.

Now that we have talked about physical fitness, it’s time for free mindfulness apps that will help us all go through these tough times in Covid-19 pandemic bite!

10% Happier: Their tagline for 10% happiness is quite a catch, because hey? Happiness is a pursuit, a journey on which you can never be 100% satisfied.

A meditation app for all the fidgety humans which comes with a guide. The founder of this app was a former news reporter and had a panic attack live on TV which made him pursue meditation.

Their Basics course of explanatory videos and guided sessions is free.

They have created free meditation packs for the health workers and other Coronavirus responders and helpers. And are offering them a free subscription too!

Their website has an exclusive section on coping anxiety around COVID-19 (the disease caused by coronavirus), with daily live “sanity break” videos.

Headspace: The OG “gym membership for your mind” is now offering free Premium access for people working in U.S. public healthcare.

For the general public, Headspace has free guides and meditation and other self-help resources for work and education.

Apps are trending and we must use technology for a good cause. Keep yourself healthy and sound.

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Stretch and reduce stress, we have got this, folks! Let’s start our physical and mental workout today.

Picture Credit: zerotothree, pexels.com


Originally published at https://www.fuzia.com.



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