Five Reality Shows you Cannot Afford to Miss

Reality shows have been trending for a few years, but choosing the right show to watch is a difficult task. To get you started, here is a small list of five must-watch reality shows that you cannot afford to miss. Go on; invest yourself!

The debate over reality TV being real has been going on for quite some time now, and frankly, we don’t know if it will ever end. Real or not, reality shows have won all our hearts. They’re fun, unique, messy, entertaining, and well, real!

Seeing non-actors perform or compete over a covetous trophy is something that everyone can relate to, but with the bloom of reality TV and the brilliant televisual series on the OTT platforms in the last few years, it is being increasingly difficult to choose which one to commit to.

So, to give you a nudge on the messy roller-coaster of reality TV, we have compiled this list of “Five Reality shows that you cannot afford to miss”:

1-Impractical Jokers -

Give it a watch if you are feeling down, this reality prank show will make your stomach hurt with laughter. A few episodes can get a bit offensive, but the best part about this show is that you can start with any episode, and all you will get is elaborate pranks and lots of fun!

2- American Idol -

A must-watch for every music lover, this American Singing Reality show aims at discovering singing talents in the country. The winner is chosen by the audience through votes, and there is a panel of celebrity judges and music professionals to present their opinions on the performances of the contestants. The show has been going on for 19 seasons and it has various spin-offs as well.

3- Project Runway –

If you are into fashion and the latest trends, then you will love this show. In the show, the contestants have to design a new outfit from scratch that is worthy to be presented at a runway show. This is done in limited resources and time, and the themes of these designs change from episode to episode. The designers are not allowed to use the internet, connect with their family or friends without permission, or consult any book for the purpose!

4- Top Chef –

Created by the company behind Project Runway, the show features various chefs participating in culinary challenges for the title of the “Top Chef”. The show has several rounds and uses a progressive elimination format. Top Chef is a delight to the eyes and will inspire you to cook a splendid meal for yourself. First released in 2006, this show has 17 seasons as of now.

5- Shark Tank –

This American Business reality show gives opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. The contestants pitch their project/business proposal in front of a panel of five “sharks” or investors who decide whether or not to invest in the proposal. The show is a huge success and has bagged several awards. It also has a spin-off called “Beyond the Tank” that shows the current state of the companies that appeared on the parent show.

If you are new to reality television, then these five shows will introduce you to various genres of reality TV. There is a blast of reality shows on television and once you are done with these five, you can check out similar shows. Here is an article by Esquire to help you with it.

If you get bored of reality television and are in search of some “feel-good” shows, then call up your best friend and check out this blog on shows with impeccable female bonding for a refreshing binge-watching session.

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