Here Are 9 Stylish Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Self!

As the summer approaches, we cannot stop gushing over the ice lattes and chic trends it is going to bring with it. Here are a few outfit ideas for you to try this summer.

Although most of us are in quarantine right now, an outing or two when things get normal is what you deserve. You might wanna look your best then and make the most of it (we mean, get cute pictures in that outfit).

You must be thriving on saving cute outfits on Instagram/Pinterest and ordering online even when there is no space in your wardrobe. Well, so are we. Here’s a small guide so that you won’t be confused when it’s time to finally wear them out. Actually, who says you cannot wear them at home and have a mini photoshoot? Take a look:


9 Summer Outfit Ideas You Have to Try Mom Jeans and Graphic Tees


Summers and skinny jeans do not mix well, but you can never go wrong with a simple t-shirt and jeans. A graphic tee paired with cute mom or straight-leg jeans will keep you cool while looking trendy. You can wear sneakers or flip-flops with them in case it’s too hot outside.

Summer Dress

A Sunday brunch after a long, hectic weekend is all you need to relax. Go for a solid-coloured or patterned cotton dress for the event. To complete the look, add a baguette bag and a cute necklace. Wear heels or trainer shoes to give you a sporty/casual look.

White Shirt And Shorts

Wear a white shirt with linen or denim shirts if you live somewhere with a moderate climate. A pair of flip-flops and a tote bag will go with this look. Make a messy bun or a ponytail with your hair tucked in with a hair scarf.

LBD or Satin Dress


When in doubt, wear black! A little black dress screams date night. Alternatively, wear a satin dress which is so on-trend right now. Don’t forget your high heels. Put your statement earrings on and a cute watch. Wear your hair down.

Top and Trousers

Who says you can’t run errands and look stylish while at it? Pair a cami top with high-waisted pocketed pants. To finish the look, wear flip-flops or casual shoes. You never know who you might run into in the grocery store.

Strappy Top and Tennis Skirt

Planned a day out with your best girls? We’ve got just the look for you. Wear a strappy top with a body-con short skirt. Or switch it with a tennis skirt for that twirl. Add a side bag to complete the ensemble. Glass heels or trainer shoes, you choose.

Off Shoulder Top and Slit Skirt


Let your shoulders breathe. Put on a puff-sleeved crop top, best if you have one with off-shoulders with a long slit skirt. Combine it with slippers and a jute bag. Wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun and look cool at the same time.

White Shirt Layering and Straight Jeans

A girl should always have a white shirt in her closet. Wear a crop top inside a white shirt and leave it unbuttoned. This outfit will look great with straight-leg jeans. To finish the look, put on sneakers or trainers. You can wear it on the days the temperature is a little low.

Blazer and Slim-fit Jeans


No one wears pant-suits to the office anymore. But you might need something a little formal for a meeting. Wear a strappy top or cotton t-shirt with a solid color blazer for a more formal look. Fold the sleeves of the blazer and wear a watch to complete the look. Slim-fit jeans and glass heels are ideal for this outfit.

We hope you liked our ideas. They are simple, and you can put them together at home without having to buy anything extra. These are challenging times, and if dressing up makes you feel better, we say, “go for it, girl”! Stay home, stay chic. Click here for more such outfit inspiration.

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