Here is Why We Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and you should do too)!

You do not need a reason to watch the brilliance Brooklyn Nine-Nine is. But if you do, check out this article.

We love Brooklyn Nine-Nine and you should too. Period. And that is why we are writing this blog for you; to announce and reason our love, you see!

Here are some reasons why we adore the show:

  1. Lovable and well-rounded characters -

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has some pretty amazing characters. To quote Jake, this family has “two black dads, two Latina daughters, two white men, Gina, and two giant babies”.

None of the characters are stereotypical. Holt is the squad’s stern, finicky, perfectionist, detail-oriented, competitive, righteous, compassionate, paternal, black, loving, gay captain who stands up to all the caricaturish gay characters we have ever seen on television. Terry is the body-building “mama hen” of the squad who is a yogurt loving, family man. Jake has some pretty reductive ideas and considers himself to be a macho hero, but comes around after failing in his superheroic attempts to save the day (but he somehow solves the cases too). Amy is the irritating pain-in-the-ass nerd whose personality is defined by rule-bound overachieving impulses, but she has our (and spoiler alert — Jake’s) heart. Gruff and secretive Rosa who appears very unapproachable on the outside actually cares and is a romantic (whhatttt??). Boyle is a lovable friend and father who has dozens of anti-stereotypical hobbies which include sewing, yoga, being a local food-critic, and other traditionally non-masculine interests. (Did we tell you that he is not afraid to share his emotions?) Hitchcock and Scully are way too interesting and funny to be described here, and Gina is a Gina (those who know, know)!

2. Powerful female characters -

Every female character in the show, even the ones in guest appearances, has a distinct personality, background story, goals, and aspirations that are not defined by the presence (or absence) of their romantic interests. They do not conform to societal standards and win our hearts by being themselves. Rosa is more powerful and determined than anyone, and Amy’s intensity is not softened by her relationship with Jake. She is goal-oriented and absolutely focussed who doesn’t take a step back — even when she is in labor!

And well, Gina is Gina (sorry, no spoilers here)!

3. Social relevance and inclusivity -

The show is not sexist or racist; neither does it glorify police officers. Out of the 7 main characters, only two are white men, and the people who identify themselves homo- or bisexual are depicted with utmost normality — exactly the way it should be. The show is funny, but it somehow tackles important issues like race, corruption, gender equality, and homophobia — the squad makes Rosa comfortable in expressing her sexuality; Terry has to deal with racism; Lt. Hawkins is the typical bad cop who frames the good cops (Rosa and Jake) while indulging in corruption and robberies herself.

4. Non-offensive humor –

We cannot think of a single offensive joke in this extremely funny show with amazing comedic timing, and this is definitely worth mentioning!

5. Innocent friendships that border on unconditional love -

The show features some brilliant friendships that are so innocent that they feel dream-like. The friendships between opposite genders do not imply that there will be a romantic undertone to them and the few relationships that evolve over the show are developed naturally.

6. Halloween Heists –

Who doesn’t love Halloween? This show and its Halloween specials will make you love Halloween even more. Check out this article for a ranking of Brooklyn Nine-Nine from “good” to “sheer perfection” so that you know what exactly we mean when we say that these Halloween Heists are love.

Spoiler Alert — Jake’s proposal to Amy on one such heist is the best proposal you’ll ever see.

7. Mysteries to solve -

The show gives you a chance to solve mysteries with these amazing characters. Do you need more?

So, here is a write-up that does not in the least explain the perfection of this show. We recommend you to watch it if you haven’t already, and to re-watch it because it is “cool cool cool cool cool”.

And when you are done watching or re-watching it, try watching Modern Love or One Day at a Time. We know that you will like those too.

P.S. — Don’t thank us. Friends are supposed to recommend shows!

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