Here Is Your Guide To 10-Must Know Things About Fuzia!

What is the best thing in this world apart from coffee? Trivia! And it is even better when it is related to something that you love. We know you love Fuzia, but did you know these 10 things about us?

It has been some time that you are a loved and valued part of our Fuzia family. Just like one needs to know about all the stories of one’s family, we thought that you might enjoy reading some lesser-known facts and stories about your virtual family, Fuzia as well.

1. Fuzia was conceived in a bookstore!

Yes, just like all the best ideas and people come out of books, Fuzia came out from the house of books — a bookstore. Riya Sinha, the founder of Fuzia was launching her book, “Runaway Twins”, in a bookstore called Books Inc. in Palo Alto, California when a young girl came to her and told her that she was inspired not just by the story, but its author too.This is when Riya thought of a platform where everyone could express themselves. Thus, Fuzia started as a writing platform for school girls in 2012 as Fuzia Writing Club. Riya was just 12 years old then!

(Riya Sinha, the founder of Fuzia Writing Club)

2. Fuzia, its founding members and the teammates have been recognised globally by eminent platforms like Forbes, Hindustan Times, etc. who have identified Fuzia as “a unique platform that helps bring out creative expressions of women around the world with the help of their talent and expression”. They believe that Fuzia has been creating ‘Sheroes’ out of them!

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3. The Fuzia team has been recognised and represented at the ‘Women Economic Forum 2018’ as a virtual company that brought real changes in the lives of women. Our Fuzia founders and the senior managers of the company have been recognised as “Young Leaders Creating a Better World for all” and we can’t be more proud of them!

(Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma at the Women Economic Forum)

4. Do you know about the people behind Fuzia? We are a remote team of insightful women who are not just from different cities, but from different countries and continents! Yes, we work together as a global family (quite literally) and are a huge, loving team who have managed to stay connected despite the difference in our time zones. Who said that long-distance relationships don’t work, eh? (wink, wink)

Fuzia Family!
Fuzia Family!

(Meet our beloved Fuzia family)

5. Looking at all the things that the world is going through, Fuzia has decided to dedicate 5% of its revenue to help the underprivileged and needy with basic needs, education and support. We have pledged towards a healthy and happy world with equal opportunities and this step is just to make sure that we are closer to our goal. To know more about the program, check out our page!

6. Fuzia has been working constantly in the field of women growth and empowerment and to facilitate that, we come with various contests, live sessions with professionals, and shout outs to the budding artists from time to time. We have had sessions with famous leaders and artists like Rajni Shivaram, Michelle Mras, Pratibha Shastry, Marielle Legair, Aparna Sharma, Sumbul Hyder, Jerlin Gandhi, among others.

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7. In keeping with our goal to bring knowledge and opportunities in every woman’s reach, Fuzia has been working relentlessly towards providing e-resources to its followers. In a bid to provide more to everyone, it is working on organising educational and professional webinars for its users. Apart from these online resources, we have also had several offline workshops covering all fields and skills like personality development, mental health, interpersonal skills, photography, painting, creative writing, fashion, dance, etc. To expand the reach of these skills to people who might not be able to attend these online and offline workshops and sessions, Fuzia has launched its first, one-of-a-kind e-book for its members to help them learn about the basics of professional marketing.

8. As promised, Fuzia has been active in giving women the due space and platform to speak up and many women claim Fuzia as their home. Fuziaties believe that they have been exposed to new professional and personal opportunities due to Fuzia. Check this video to know about their experiences with Fuzia.

9. We have a fully functional app now that brings to you the best of the world at a click, literally!
If you do not have the time to log-in on the website regularly, this app is just for you. You can get your daily dose of blogs, knowledge, trivia, economic know how’s, motivation, photography, scrumptious recipes, and beauty tips while travelling to your office or while chopping the vegetables, just by downloading the app from Play Store. Here, you will get all the things you need for a splendid and fruitful day.

10. The Fuzia Lounge (yes, your favourite place on Fuzia) is not just a place where you can see articles and like and comment on the ones you love. It is an e-version of our idea of the world as a global family where people connect, show their love and support, but most importantly, exchange their ideas — the one place that represents the main objective behind Fuzia. The lounge is the creative platform that we always talk about!

Don’t worry; we will always have your back!

Doesn’t it feel good to know so many things about the place that you like so much? Did you know about any of these facts? If yes, then let us know in the comments section below. And because you know that we also focus on entertainment and fun (apart from knowledge, awareness and empowerment), we have got you a list of comedy shows for a dose of laughter.

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