How Are Remote Creative Talents the Future of Client Servicing?

A lot of creative talents these days are rapidly switching to a remote model of working to serve their clients. Let’s see what this shift means for fast-growing enterprises-

The year 2020 has definitely given a whole new definition to the phrase ‘work-life balance’. Till exactly a year back, most people were hesitant in quitting their jobs but thanks to the amount of break the pandemic blessed us with, more and more professionals are now contemplating whether there is an actual need of pushing themselves every day to go to work in order to have the life they have always dreamt of or not.According to a recent study of active job seekers conducted by, most respondents (around 49%) said they were looking for a new job to earn more money. Other popular reasons included: Better work/life balance (26%), good working environment (21%), having a role that better fits their passions or interests (20%), promotion or growth opportunities (19%), and benefits like healthcare or retirement (18%).

Randstad, another multinational human resource consulting firm, conducted an extensive survey across 32 countries and had more than two lakh participants. Coming to India, the researchers surveyed around 3500 respondents who were asked a bunch of questions related to their jobs, work-life balance, career aspirations, etc. Interestingly, a whopping 45% of these participants plan to switch to a new job by next year. The study concluded that 43% of Indians leave their job because of limited career paths, 36% blamed poor work-life balance and 33% had a problem with low compensation.

Following this trend, a lot of creative talents across the country are rapidly switching to a remote model (also known as a gig or freelance model) to create flexible work opportunities for themselves.

This rise of remote creative talents is not a new thing, but it has been gaining momentum and popularity. This trend is not just about freelancers who have the freedom to choose their clients and projects; it’s also about clients who choose their own talent pool.

Young people are taking up client servicing work because they don’t have to relocate, they can do it from home, and they can work on their own terms. In addition, they don’t have to deal with office politics or other challenges that come with working in an office.

There are many reasons why this trend is gaining popularity among young professionals:

1. Young people want control over their time and work environment

2. They want flexibility in how they work — related to when and where

3. They want control over who they work with

4. Young people want flexibility in what they produce — no constant nudging

The benefits of remote talent for enterprises:

We live in an increasingly globalized world where borders are becoming more porous and nations more interconnected than ever before. This means that companies can now hire talent from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not they have physical offices in those locations. Hiring remote creative talent not only eliminates geographic constraints but also helps businesses remain competitive by working with only the most skilled individuals from all over the world without being constrained by location or time zone.

Another benefit of hiring remote creative talents for businesses is that it reduces overhead costs associated with having a physical office space (including rent and utilities). These savings can be passed on to clients as lower prices for services rendered, allowing businesses to compete more effectively against their local competitors who may charge higher prices due to high overhead costs.

These remote workers are well-equipped to serve clients remotely. They’re designers, writers, developers, marketers, and more — all working from home or wherever they want. They may even acquire clients in different countries!

To know more about remote creative talents for client servicing, visit to hire and onboard the best remote workforce for your business.

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