How Do I Save Water With Minimal Effort?

We all want to save water, but it needs effort and behaviour change. Let me show you how in simple and easy ways you can do it.

Hi everyone, Zia here! Do you know what day is it next week? Cannot guess?

Well, on the 22nd of March, it is World Water Day. And this Friday is Holi. Hmmm. It is a co-incidence and a conscious thought for us to save water.

Globally there is a water crisis and it is going to increase in the coming years.

I was reading about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The SDG Goal 6 said that everyone must have equitable access to water and sanitation facilities. However, in reality, there is a big gap in ensuring water availability. Nearly 3 out of 5 people do not get clean water. I felt that the unofficial statistics are much worse.

Well, I think instead of blaming and depending on policymakers, we have to ensure and do our bit to save water. This is the only way we can beat the effects of climate change and the water crisis.

I feel that most people want to save water, they know the issue but are too lazy to solve it. To save water, behaviour patterns and lifestyle alterations have to be made. To change habits and mindsets is the most difficult thing. Ask me, I am also a human who struggles with it every day.

Well, the water crisis does not care if your behaviour is changed, but you can do activities that take the minimum effort.

Here is how you can save water with minimum efforts:

1) Time your showers

If you are a person who struggles with time management and wishes to measure the time spent on every activity of the day; then you can align your personal growth and even save water at the same time.

Yes, bucket baths are good, but not everybody is ready to make the switch. But shower baths wastewater, right? Absolutely yes!

But only if you take a long and meaningless shower where you are standing and overthinking. That is wasting your time and water. So put an alarm on your shower and finish it. This way to manage your time and reduce water wastage.

2) Save Rainwater

Rainwater is precious and needs to be saved. Thanks to climate change, rainfall is becoming more erratic. Secondly, this means agriculture and groundwater level is getting affected at a steady pace.

The solution is to install rainwater harvesting and watershed management systems in our households. This is easier said than done. Most people do not know how to install or maintain it on a regular basis.
But there is a very simple way to save rainwater. It does not take any effort nor does it require large mechanical installations.

All I did was simply place big buckets on the terrace or balcony whenever there is rainfall. You can store it and use it for household purposes.

3) Play Flower or Dry Holi

During the festival of holi, a lot of water is used and wasted. We all think it is fun and games; but in the name of frolic, we are wasting precious water with chemicals while people are not having proper clean water to drink.
So, this year, I am going to have either a dry holi or a flower holi. Both will not need water, especially flower holi as I do not need to use tonnes of water to remove colours from my body.

4) Use Dry Shampoo

For me and many others, hair washing is a big headache. I have to plan the day accordingly. After shampooing and conditioning of at least forty-five minutes, I have to blow-dry my hair for another hour.

This entire process leads to the wastage of water and electricity. But the science and beauty industry is making our lives easier with the innovation of dry shampoo.

I have to use it and let it settle to get the puff in my hair without wasting my time, water, or electricity.

5) Reuse Boiled Water

We boil water for drinking, heat up vegetables, and put them in hot water bags for menstrual cramp relief. However, we end up throwing the water. Why not reuse it?

The residual boiling water after being cooled down can be used again safely for other purposes, instead of wasting and throwing it, we can store or upcycle it.

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