How Toxic Friends Could Be Manipulating You

We have all encountered it at some point in our lives- that one friend who always leaves us exhausted, emotionally drained, or feeling annoyed with ourselves for hanging out with them — the toxic friend. In reality, friends are meant to be trusted people outside the family to improve our well-being and life satisfaction.

Good friends are present when things are happy or challenging and are always ready to offer constructive advice that enhances our lives. However, with the toxic ones, there is always mental or emotional damage.If you are stuck in one of these and want to know if your friend is toxic, continue reading to learn further!

What is a Toxic Friendship?

Regular and healthy friendships are characterised by honesty, love, empathy, and trust. On the other hand, a toxic friendship is an unhealthy relationship characterised by deceit, mistrust, jealousy, dishonesty, or sabotaging. A toxic friendship is always one-sided, with one friend making all the efforts for being supportive and loyal while the mean-spirited or jealous toxic friend is always out to receive the goodwill but never reciprocate it. It can also go to the extent that the toxic friend sabotages opportunities for good to keep the other down.1) It is Never Comfortable

Unlike with your other long-term loving friends, you are never at ease around your toxic friend. They will also drag you through uncomfortable situations you never asked to be a part of.2) They Gossip About You

You might be shocked that your friend said something behind your back that you did not expect. Gossiping behind the back is familiar with toxic friends, and you shouldn’t be surprised about it.3) They Don’t Like Your Other Friends

Your toxic friend will hate your other friends as they would often be able to see through them — something you might not have done before. The toxic friend also cannot stand watching you have fun with your good friends.4) You Make Poor Decisions Around Them

Whether through their coercion or being in their company, you end up doing things you will eventually regret. The toxic friend might encourage you to break your rules on doing drugs or binge drinking. Real friends will never push you to do reckless things that you will come to regret.

5) They Are Unreliable

Your toxic friend is the most unreliable person in your life. They do not value your time or your effort and cancel plans that you have meticulously put together. They are also not the first ones to appear in your mind when you are in trouble.

6) They Never Encourage

Real friends are always there when you need them; it could be being physically present or emotionally available when looking for some empathy and validation. Toxic friends are never there when you need them, and neither do they seem to have or understand the concept of compassion.

7) Indulges In Constant Criticism

When you constantly have to chase them for their attention, your confidence and self-esteem will take a hit. This is also the case when they are always treating you poorly or letting you down. They also never allow you to see your strengths and capabilities.8) Cuts You Off From Others

As your toxic friends treat you poorly, they also inject their poison into your other relationships. Your self-doubt and bitterness from being used by them might also trickle into other relationships. You might also wonder if others see you the way your toxic friend does.

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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