Is it okay to exercise during menstruation? Let’s find out!

Owing to the extreme pain that we go through while bleeding on our period, it becomes difficult to manage an exercise routine. But is it really ‘difficult’?

Most of us experience cramps during menstruation. These cramps usually point to extreme pain in the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and upper legs. The first two days of the period are usually believed to be the hardest.

As we may feel a general lack of energy during these days to carry out even the most basic kind of physical activity, our regular exercise routine may take a backseat. While it is alright to give ourselves a break and take a rest during such times, it is also necessary to keep ourselves active in some form to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Sticking to a routine has been found to be extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health by experts. It can also help in easing out common problems associated with period like body ache, lethargy, mood swings, etc. Also, exercise can give you a natural endorphin high, which can elevate your mood and rejuvenate your senses.

Here are some of the best exercises that you can do while on your period, without worrying about the pain that comes with high-intensity workouts:

  1. Walking or basic cardio:

You can for short walks while maintaining a normal speed. Moreover, a low-intensity cardio workout that involves less complicated movements that don’t create a lot of pressure on your lungs to breathe.

2. Dancing:

Yes, it may sound odd but you can actually do your body a favour just by grooving to your favourite songs and moving your body along. This helps in uplifting your spirit and also helps in stretching your body.

3. Stretching:

If you are someone you doesn’t like a lot of movement during your period, then you can simply opt to stand and stretch your upper body in different directions to feel energetic.

4. Yoga:

Perhaps the most common resort during periods, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy no matter the day. While breathing exercises can help you relax, you can try out these poses to feel physically fit and active-


Pilates helps you to relax your body while keeping you calm and healthy. It targets specific muscle groups, so you can tailor out your workout as you need. It builds a core strength that can reduce the severity of your cramps.

6. Swimming:

Surprising to most, Swimming is one of the most relaxing and gentle exercises to do during your period. If you use tampons or menstrual cups, you can easily go for a swim without worrying about bleeding out. Doctors suggest we bleed less when we are in cold water because it clamps blood vessels for a short while.

Physical activities to avoid during the period:

While it is important to keep you active during your menstruation, it is not necessary to put an additional burden on yourself that can lead to serious health issues. Here’s what you should be avoiding while exercising-

-Strenuous and high-intensity exercises.

-Exercising for a long span of time.

-Inversion poses with yoga that strains all your muscles.

-Pushing your body to exercise- you should always listen to your body and just do what you can while not pressurizing yourself to do more.

Exercising during your period can be extremely advantageous if done in the right way and the right amount. All you need to do is ‘just keep it light’- and you are all set!

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