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We don’t wear capes, but we are superheroes nonetheless. We had pledged that we will inspire you with inspiring stories, so, we are pleased to bring to you our next success story. Meet Sakchhi; a woman who had a dream! She paved her own way, worked her days and nights off, empowered some other women in the process too, and is now living and enjoying her dream. What was her dream after all? Read this story to find out.

Hi, I am Sakchhi. I own a café in Varanasi, India, and it was not easy.

I come from a typical middle-class Indian family and we kids were supposed to make it big. But I was different. I was a student of International Trade and had post graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in India. I got a decent job pretty soon because of my academic achievements but something was missing. I was just another cog in the wheel. My creativity was not being called into action, and I realized that maybe corporate work was not my calling. So, I quit the job and started traveling. I was exposed to various cultures and traditions during that phase of my life and it was then that the idea of my café came into my mind. I had saved enough by then; it was minimal, of course, but it was just enough to realize my dream. But the main issue was not money. I had to convince my parents!

I made a plan, finalized a place to rent and went to my parents with a firm resolve. They were opposed to the idea but I went forward with it nevertheless. I had no support and my funds were not enough, so I decided to do most of the work myself. I could not hire an interior designer; it didn’t suit my budget. So, I picked up a brush and decorated the walls of my café myself. I went to nearby villages to collect art pieces and bought the handicrafts myself. I employed the local women who needed a way to earn their daily bread; taught them how to cook and manage a café while they brought their local cuisines with them. I had to pursue them but I had always thought of doing something for the homemakers of the society who were never respected and paid enough for their daily jobs. This was my chance of giving something back to society and to the women community that I belong to.

We were doing well but my family was not convinced. I was a well-educated girl and according to them, I deserved to be an officer in a government office. But this notion changed when we received media coverage. The café and I have been featured on National Geographic and we have also been praised both, nationally and internationally, on various platforms; we have been covered by ‘The Times of India’ and some French channels.

I had my café now, but I was not going to stop. Preserving our Indian culture while empowering women was my main muse and I started looking for ways to help the cause. The art of making henna tattoos and designs is quite famous in India, so I started organizing classes for women. Anyone could come and learn. Many of my students are self-dependent now because of this art.

Our café is on the ghats where many foreigners come in search of spirituality. They often come to the café and praise our food and culture. From this came the idea of organizing cooking classes for people. We teach the authentic Indian cuisine and the secret recipes that we have had for generations, in keeping with the spirit of the café that its name signifies- “Sparrow Café”. We thus save these gems of recipes from extinction. Many of these students have started their own ventures in their respective countries. In addition to this, we also organize workshops on indigenous art forms, like music and painting, from time to time. The café has thus transformed from a normal café to a cultural studio!

Now that I look back to 2015, I smile as I realize that I have come a long way. It has been five years and who would have thought that a ‘girl next door’ like me would make it this big. I own a café in Varanasi, India, and maybe it was easy. Do you want to know how I did it? I just added a lot of determination, confidence, hope, and hard work into my dream. My recipe to a happy and contented life is ready to serve (ah, live)!

Oh, by the way, I recently read another inspiring story; the story of Sramana, a girl who fought like me against all odds and is living her life according to her terms. Here, check it out and be ready to get inspired so that you go and win your world too.


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