Tasty Snacks to Pack for Your Next Summer Road Trip!

Whether you are headed to the hills, or beach, or discovering new cities, there’s probably nothing better than a summer road trip. Here are some tasty and healthy snacks that you must pack in your bag for your next road trip!

Traveling is all about exploring new places and taking a break from your usual routine. These days travel freaks prefer road trips as they can move at their own pace and most importantly maintain social distance from other fellow travelers. One of the most fun parts of these kinds of trips is snacking. As long as your car is filled with good music, food and your best people, your road trip is destined to be superhit.Narrowing down your list of snacks to eat while you are traveling can be a daunting task. While there are plenty of junk foods that you can eat on your way, we say it is highly essential that you stick to tasty and healthy snacks. We understand the benefit of healthy travel snacks and that’s why we have written down this blog for you to help you select your favorites!

5 Tasty Snacks to Pack for Your Road Trip!

These snacks will not only satisfy your cravings but are also healthy.

1. Seasonal Fruits

A classic, yummy and healthy road trip snack. Nothing can beat fresh, juicy seasonal fruits when you’re on the road. Pick some fruits of your choice and carry them along.

An important reminder — Don’t cut fruits at home as they might get bad if stored for long. You can wash and dry the fruits and then pack them. The natural sugar and carbs found in the fruit will give you the much-needed energy on your trip!

2. Roasted Nuts and Seeds

These are our absolute favorite road trip snacks. A mix of seed and various roasted nuts like almonds, peanuts, groundnuts packed in an airtight jar can go a long way. This healthy snack option is also quite filling and can easily hold you over until your next pit stop.

3. Home-cooked Banana Chips

Can anybody ever say no to chips? Well, the home-cooked crispy round banana slices are always worth one more bite. For healthy results, use an air fryer with minimal oil while preparing!

4. Sandwiches

5. Chikki

This Indian sweet item comes in a variety of forms and flavors and is also quite easy to carry. You can have these nutrient rich bars made of sesame seeds or peanuts.

6. Popcorn

Did you really think that popcorn is only reserved for movie nights? Well, pop some popcorn in your kitchen for your road journey. You can add desired flavors to it like salted, cheese or caramel!

These were some of the best snack options you can pack for your next road trip. Whenever your hunger kicks in, just take out the snack and grab a bite. Let us know your pick in the comment section below!

If you are looking for recommendations on the best places to visit in India for family vacation, check out our blog.

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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