The Most Common Mental Health Issues Women Face!

Women go through phases of mental health and are made to believe that it is normal when it isn’t. That battle is endless. Let’s have a look at the most common mental health issues that women face.

So you are a woman facing mental health issues? Remember this fact, you are not alone! Many women face mental health issues in ways which ain’t defined and yet they cover it so well that no-one even recognizes that this woman is mentally sick and needs help! About 45% of women in the world have mental health issues. A study report has shown that women are affected by mental health issues about 12 percent while men have 6 percent. Why are women going through this? What might be the reason? Well, according to science, women release stress hormones way too quicker than men. Women are often battling between home, work, personal life and they land up in oblivion. It is time that women start realizing their worth and releasing stress.

Let’s take a look at a few mental health issues that are common among women across the world.

● Anxiety Attacks

Let me be clear on this — Anxiety is common but it can’t be ignored! Okay, you still ain’t serious. Anxiety can’t be ignored! Now, I guess you are. Women are likely to suffer more anxiety than compared to men. This affects your creativity and snatches peace away from you. Don’t do that to yourself, honey!

● Bipolar Disorder

Yes, I know what you are thinking. “Bipolar Disorder is caused by genes”. Here’s a brain cracker — It can also be caused in women. It is manifested by women who are suffocating within and don’t quite open up. It is hard to diagnose and is split in two ways — Depression and Mania.

● Borderline Personality Disorder

This is caused in women that are likely to be in their early twenties. The common symptoms are a sudden outburst of anger, depression or crying. This may last for hours or days and needs to be cured.

● Depression

As cliche as this word is, it is serious to be taken seriously! Among a percentage of the population in 100, women suffer the highest rate of depression than men. This results in a lack of quality at work and being distracted always.

Many of us know it by the abbreviation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These symptoms show at a very early age but take a high toll later if not cured. ADHD is caused in many women that lead to forgetfulness, sudden breakthrough and mood swings.

● The Postpartum Depression

Being pregnant is exciting. Giving birth to a LIFE is super exciting. But if you, like any other woman who has a history of depression then kindly open up with your partner and doctor when you are planning to get pregnant. It’s important because pregnancy impacts your mental health in several ways.

● Addiction

It’s a myth that men are likely to be addicted more than women. According to research, if a woman is suffering through mental health issues, she’s likely to get addicted to something to get rid of it. They choose the easy way out which lands up in trouble.

● Schizophrenia

This disorder is ignored while discussing mental health issues. It’s often tagged as a disease. Well, everything including depression is a disease. Schizophrenia can be manifested in women between her 20s and 30s. Bizarre behavior, paranoia are common symptoms of schizophrenia. But also, simple issues like getting scared, curling up in the middle of the day, forgetting the bus stop are the initials of it.

Women are strong, but sometimes they need some support and care. If you are a woman reading this blog, support a friend of yours. If you belong to the rest category, kindly be there for women in your life. Let them know that you are a shoulder they can rely on and share things with.

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