The Most Spectacular Period Festivals and Traditions All Over the World!

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While talks around periods still remain a stigma in many parts of the world, there are a few countries and regions where a girl’s period is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm. Let’s have a look at these!

While the world may have risen through many social and technological advancements in the 21st century, one thing that still remains taboo in most parts of the world is period-related stigma.

From preventing girls from going to school on their period to preventing them from entering the kitchen and even making them sleep on a mat instead of a bed- there are strange customs that do not hold any relevance to the logical sense revolving around this natural phenomenon in many parts of the world.

However, a few parts of the world stand ahead of such taboos and actually celebrate periods in their full glory. Let’s find out some of the most spectacular period festivals and traditions all over the world!

1. North America-

Native tribes in North America celebrate the coming of age of a girl with a custom called the Sunrise Ceremony. They consider the shift from childhood to adulthood as the most important shift in one’s life. This ceremony includes different rituals where girls wear their traditional outfits and receive as well as offer gifts.

2. Brazil-

In a peculiar tradition, young girls from the Amazonian Tikuna tribe (natives from Brazil, Colombia, and Peru) spend a minimum of 3 months to 1 year (called Pelazon time) in their rooms to study the history and culture of their tribe after they get their first period.
Once they are done, their families hold a celebration for them with the welcoming back of the girls in their community.

3. India-

In South India, some of the communities celebrate a girl’s first period through a coming-of-age tradition called Ritusuddhi. The girl dons a half saree called Langa Voni which is a combination of a skirt and a saree. This marks the transformation of a girl’s life from childhood to adulthood and depicts that she is ready to take up responsibilities as an adult.4. Fiji-

In Fiji, some communities set up a special mat for girls in their first period and teach girls the importance of this milestone. On the fourth day of their period, called tunudra, the girls’ families prepare a feast to celebrate the entry of their daughters into adulthood.

5. Japan-

In some places in Japan, the family celebrates when a girl is on her period by preparing a traditional dish called sekihan, made from glutinous rice and adzuki beans. The red colour of the plate symbolizes luck and celebration and symbolizes the entry of a girl into adulthood.6. The United Kingdom-

While not a cultural festival in itself, girls in the UK are finally able to avail free hygiene products such as sanitary towels and tampons in all English elementary schools since early 2020 to counter the effects of the stigma and poverty of menstruation. This step acknowledges the poverty and stigma related to period as an educational barrier and has expanded its commitment to support elementary school girls entering school and fully participating in class, which is a step forward at the right address for the future.

6. South Africa-

In South Africa, a big party is organized in honour of a girl’s first period. The girl receives various gifts but has to stay indoors for three days, away from men and boys for the duration of their entire period.7. Italy-

When an Italian girl has her first period, she should be addressed as signorina, which means Miss or ‘young lady’. Family members and relatives ensure that everyone who knows the girl receives the good news about her first period, it’s normal for girls to blush when people compliment them in quick succession.8. Iceland-

Iceland bakes cakes in celebration of the period; When a girl has her first period, she is given a cake made by her mother. And it’s not just any cake- it’s all red and white and symbolizes your daughter’s new milestone. Now, how sweet is that!

9. Canada-

Food can do miracles and in Canada, the custom, although stretched a bit over time, says that the girl should be on a berry fasting when she has had her first period. They can’t eat berries for a year, but everyone else in their household can. However, they can collect them throughout, and when the year is up, they can eat it to their heart’s content — a gesture that celebrates true femininity!

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