The Most Underrated Shows On Netflix & Prime Video!

4 min readAug 20, 2020


A list of the most underrated but must-watch shows on Netflix and Prime Video

We all tend to stick to what we know and what we like, that even pertains to what we watch! With the new user interface technology, Netflix and Prime video analyze the content we have previously watched to recommend similar content. So, we end up consuming the same kind of shows. On a separate note, we all give in to the hype. Sometimes the promotions of these shows get us all excited and we give in to it and watch them. But did you know that there are some hidden gems on both Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Here is a list of the most underrated shows on Netflix and Prime Video.

1. Grace and Frankie

Is an American comedy starring two friends: Grace and Frankie. The two unlikely friends are brought together when their husbands, who are successful divorce lawyers say that they are leaving their wives because they are in love with each other. This turns their lives upside down. The two women who we’re particularly fond of each other are now forced to live together and cope with the news. This show leaves you laughing till there are tears in your eyes! It’s six seasons long but easy to binge-watch.

2. Special

It’s a Netflix miniseries with each episode under 15 minutes. This show revolves around a gay man, Ryan who suffers from mild cerebral palsy. Ryan decides to re-write his identity and change his life in hopes of finally living the life he wants. It’s an uplifting series that makes you root for Ryan as he embarks on his journey navigating through life. The 15-minute episode makes it super binge-watch worthy!

3. Ozark

For all you underworld crime lovers out there, this show is a perfect fit for you. If you’ve watched Breaking Bad, then this series should be on your list. Just remember to substitute the intense drug dealings with money laundering. Through the course of this show, you watch Marty and his family make the best out of an ugly situation. This show will have you at the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next.

Amazon Prime:

1. Breathe

The series stars R Mahadevan in the leading role. The series follows a father’s journey as he jumps through various loops to save his son. The second season stars Abhishek Bachchan.

2. Afsos

Another underrated Indian drama on Prime which follows Gulshan Devaiah’s character who has a death wish due to his dull life. He hires a serial killer to plan his murder, but the catch is, he falls in love with a girl right before his death. He decides he no longer wants to die, but now, he can’t take his death contract back. It’s a mixture of scary, hilarious, and thrilling. (Trigger warning)

3. The Good Doctor

A dub on a popular K-drama, The Good Doctor is the perfect fit for all you medical show lovers out there. The show follows the life of an autistic boy who takes the job as a trainee surgeon. His special abilities help him overcome his shortcomings as he can picture the human anatomy in a way no one else can. You find yourself falling in love with Sean, wanting him to succeed in all walks of life.

These shows are not talked about, yet definitely worth the watch. So now, its time to take a step outside your comfort zone and venture into new waters. There are many shoes out there that are worth the watch, all you need to do, is look outside of the box!

With a lot of content now available on OTT platforms, we would love to know what your favourites are, so drop a comment in the box below.

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