The World Needs More Feminist Men!

3 min readMar 30, 2020


There are plenty of male feminists but to bring it into reality we need more feminist men onboard!

Technically there wouldn’t be any need for feminism if the world’s men understood that females are humans and their equals.

The world needs more feminist men because they have played a critical role in all women’s movements. It is very important to note that feminism is fighting for women’s rights and equality as humans. Yes, we are biologically different but gender is a social construct and no one is weak because of their sex.

Women are fighting for their rights and not against men. We are not trying to prove ourselves better than you all. What would make more sense in this world is EQUITY- people should get what they need which is not defined by their sex.

The question is- are men currently involved?

One cannot deny the fact the contribution of men to bring a change in the world sees women and feminist movements. While many men like Ryan Gosling and Andy Murray with their unapologetic feminism traits are setting examples, we need the active participation of men in supporting women in all the walks of their lives.

We aren’t saying that you take out a major chunk of your time and make it your mission to empower us. We want men to let us be and fight all who don’t allow us to be out of our defined social roles.

Many complain that they are expected too much and that it is difficult to be always politically correct. We need to understand, not only men but women too that feminist doesn’t limit itself to a theoretical and political movement. It is personal and we need to practice it in our daily lives.

I know we can do it. It’s easy.

Say No to Sexism!

Feminism is not just a woman’s concern. Men aren’t left untouched from this aspect as we see that a large percentage of men are “casually” engaged in everyday sexism that goes unacknowledged.

Women face the effects of sexism and men are a part of it as it is instigated by males and a patriarchal value system. It is men’s fundamental duty to educate men in the concerns of feminism.

Even though when a particular man is not sexist himself but all men need to take part in the responsibility of ending this practice.

For Solidarity, Men Must Join Hands

Many believe that feminism is about hating men and pocketing their rights for women. It is not true. There is a difference between a feminist and a misandrist.

It becomes absolutely necessary that men participate effectively to eliminate sexism as it influences many lives which concern both personal and professional walks of life.

Many men are biased and prejudiced against women and have given birth to a castrating space where have faced major setbacks in their careers.

It’s time that women are fighting to take down these social brackets and become successful in their lives. And feminist men will surely help us sisters believe in our cause and the world will suddenly be a better place; exactly how it is supposed to be.

And wait for one more thing! With all due respect, I would like to tell you that we are doing quite well and we don’t want you to do the leg work for us but please be there for us when the patriarchs or liberal patriarch try to put us down?

Much love and thanks,

A woman.


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