Things You Must Know Before You Get Into A Long Term Relationship!

4 min readOct 8, 2020


We all want to be loved, to be in a long-lasting relationship. But often we neglect the facts before jumping into one and then, regret later! Let’s have a look at the things to know before you get into a long term relationship.

You could have called me a perpetually single person before 2020! Yes, times have changed and the daily crushes, zoning out and peeping in millions of dating apps have become boring. However, Tinder claims to provide you a long-lasting relationship with its ad videos. Things always land up in mediocre fling followed one after another. The latest research says that all these dating apps are the same!

Have you ever read a romance novel and thought, “My next relationship is going to be my last one!” Or have you ever craved for a long-lasting relationship by watching your favourite couple? So, I was listening to Maroon 5 and this lyric happened to strike me hard “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s a compromise that moves us along.” It is such a true line. Isn’t it? Often we search for ‘perfect’ so much that we lose what is ‘real’.

Some claim that long term relationships are boring before experiencing it! The ones in it say that it’s the best thing that ever occurred to them. Love transforms us. It has the ability to affect you in ways that you cannot even imagine. Your partner’s ability to listen, to be there and everything matters before you get into a promising relationship and decide for yourself that this is the one. Well, Wait — Even you got to provide your partner with the same things you expect from them.

Okay, what is the key, after all, that holds the secret doorway? Listing you down a few things to note while you are planning to dive into a new perspective of life.

1 Are you ‘ready’ ready?

Some people get into a relationship just because they want to feel belonged and flaunt maybe. But ask yourself are you actually ready and once you are, take the steps ahead. Don’t play with yours or other person’s feelings just to try it out!

2 Projection of Toxic behaviour.

Well, we all are toxic at some points in our lives. Before taking this step, ask yourself are you in a healthy relationship with yourself? A self-abusive pattern will never fetch a long term relationship.

3 A single and happy person is a ready to mingle person!

Bored? Unsatisfied? Let’s do something thrilling and get a partner — NOOO! Learn to be happy with yourself. Be self-satisfied and then, only then you are ready to have someone else to love and share.

4 Realise your worth!

Some people are pushed in the pessimistic yard so hard that they settle for anything and anyone. Give a thought before you make a promise to stay till death parts you. Realise if that person is really your type and worthy of you.

5 Take time — Date a lot.

There’s no hurry, there’s no pressure. Let the cousin Aunt taunt you that you are still single. Let your friends show off their partner’s life. You, my dear, don’t hurry. Take it slow. Go on dates and then decide.

6 Know that Nobody is perfect!

If you keep searching with a lantern for the One and Only perfect man/woman, Honey, that’s not how it works. Everyone is flawed. You too are. Accept the flaws and love them for who they are.

7 Do not confuse Love for Lust.
At times you are alone, high and want someone. Maybe it’s the dry sexual spell you are going through. Don’t confuse this feeling with the idea of a long relationship. Temporary feelings won’t fetch a permanent foundation!

Everyone comes with weathers. There will be sunshine, there will be storms. Sometimes they will fall apart and sometimes they will help you rise up. It should not always be 50–50. Neither should it be 100–0. Everything has balance, and one more thing, when you know it is the right person — you just know it! There’s no questioning ahead.

Comment down below and let me know if you are excited to begin this venture Also if you are wondering how to know to move ahead or take a step back in a relationship, go check out this blog.

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