Top 6 Myths You’ve Heard About Work From Home

A list of 6 Myths that are said about working from home.

We are all now really familiar with the term Work From Home. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the extended lockdown conducted all around the world. But just because you can’t go to work, doesn’t mean work can’t come to you. Many companies have adopted the work from home policy. But there are somethings about the WFH policy that are just plain myths and not truths.

Here is a list of myths:

1. It’s Boring

Many people assume that working from home is boring. An office setting has zero distraction, whereas when you’re at home you’re bound to be distracted by your surroundings. Well, that is just not true. In a home environment, you tend to be in your comfort zone which can take away the distractions that make you feel uneasy in a workspace. If you create a designated workspace in your home, you are guaranteed to work meticulously.

2. Hampers Productivity

This is another false notion about working from home. In a work environment, you sit in a cubicle next to many people. Conversation can get loud and sometimes phones are always ringing. People are shuffling around the office which can be a major distraction. Since you’re at home your space has lessened and your distractions are no longer present.

3. Lonely

A lot of people tend to say that work from home can get lonely. Well, that’s not true. Since everything is now done digitally, your meetings occur through conference calls or video calls, you being to notice or develop work relationships with people you many have never spoken to before! From connecting due to work to forming a friendship, WFH can help create new bonds.

4. You Can Do What You Want

While many assume that working from home means you can do what you want when you want it, that’s not true. No one can throw their to-do list away and just watch some Netflix. WFH has the same deadlines and sometimes even more of a workload than what you had when you were working in an office.

5. Work Is Done In Your PJ’s

Well, it is proven that most telecommuters act as though they were going about their regular schedule or office life. They shower and get dressed as if they’re in a workspace. It is said that doing this increases productivity and enhances the WFH home experience making it more professional.

6. It’s a Scam

Although in the past, work from home came with pyramid schemes and scams. But as workspaces get more expensive, many companies have started looking for remote work from home employees. Encouraging many to work, even if they cannot go to an office.

So, as you start working from home, you tend to realize that the myths are false. You shouldn’t let it cloud your judgment! We would love to hear about your work from home experience and them myths you busted, so feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

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