Top 7 Creative Careers For Creative People That Can Make You Wealthy!

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Whoever said passion doesn’t pay the bills, clearly didn’t know about these high paying creative jobs. Contrary to popular opinion, creative jobs are both high paying and in high demand. If you are creative at heart but also want to earn well, here are a few career options for you.

Creative Director

A Creative Director heads the design team in advertising and marketing. They manage the creative process and have the final say on what goes to the client. They visualize the concepts and provide the creative direction to the team to work on it.

A bachelor’s degree in graphic designing, or marketing, fine arts, or any other creative field can be your entry route to this job. You need to have a strong design and copywriting background to bag this job. It requires an experience of five to eight years. Also, good project management skills are a huge plus. As an experienced creative director, you can expect a salary of $117,000.

Public Relations Specialists

PR managers develop and implement Public Relations strategy for an organization, brand, and even celebrities. These strategies help in building a reputation for the clients and ensure effective media coverage. If you love social media and posting exclusive content, this job might be your calling.

You need a degree in communications, PR, or English to become a PR manager. It requires excellent written and communication skills. You will have to maintain a friendly relationship with media professionals. The average salary of a PR manager is around $82,000.

Industrial Designers

If you are someone who grew up scribbling car designs on the back of your school notebook, this is the right career for you. Industrial designers design products to be manufactured like cars, bikes, toys, home appliances, etc. The designs should be safe, functional, and practical for everyday use.

You need a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design, or Industrial Engineering. The average salary of an Industrial designer is about $64,221. As you gain more experience, the salary will increase.

Fashion Designers

If fashion is your true love and you have a knack for designing, then a fulfilling career in fashion designing is waiting for you. You can create outfits and accessories for others at a fashion house and even start your own line someday. You should have good knowledge of colors, patterns, and prints.

You need a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing to become a professional designer. You can expect an average salary of $68,959.

Brand and Marketing Manager

Brand managers develop and execute marketing programs and campaigns for brands across social media and other platforms. You’d have to keep up with market trends, do research, and come up with creative and viral content. You should have strong writing, communication, and storytelling skills.

To become a brand manager, you’ll need a degree in communications, marketing, or business. An experience of 5–6 years is required and you can expect an average salary of $90,000.


If you are a grammar nazi and love reading, the editor is the right career choice for you. You can work for a media house, publication, or a magazine to revise and edit their content. You’d plan the content, check it for errors, and then send it for publishing.

A bachelor’s degree in English and journalism or fine arts will make you eligible for this job. You should have an eye for detail and excellent writing skills. The average salary of an editor is $70,000.


This one is for all the artists out there. An animator creates images, also called frames, to produce an illusion of movement. It is known as animation and is done in films, video games, and television. Animators use computer software to produce these images.

You need a bachelor’s degree or diploma in animation. You can do Bachelors’ in Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation to become a professional animator. You can expect an average salary of $69,178.

Apart from an educational degree and your creativity, we recommend you to expand your horizons and learn a few extra skills. This will increase your earning potential. For instance, if you are a web copywriter, you can learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or aspects of digital marketing. This might give you an edge over other applicants whenever you look for a new job or even take on a new role in your current organization.

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