Were you able to identify a pseudo-feminist around? Here’s how to deal with them!

A lot of times we come across people who are active advocates of feminism but are often seen portraying a hypocritical behaviour when it comes to playing this role in real life towards other genders. Let’s find out how to deal with them.

We all are well-versed with the definition of feminists and are also aware of the kind of change it demands in a woman’s life. While it focuses on women’s empowerment, its main focus lies in attaining respect and rights for women just like other human beings. However, these days the term ‘pseudo-feminist’ is doing the rounds because of its intense nature of activism against other genders.

The belief of a pseudo-feminist lies in the fact that it is only women who deserve more respect than other genders. Such activists do not believe that every individual should be treated as equal- they instead believe that it is only women who should thrive in society because of what has happened to them in the past.

While it is thoughtful that women from all walks of life should be given equal opportunities as that of other genders, it is imperative to understand that it should not create a feeling of discrimination against those who belong to a category other than theirs.

In case you know any pseudo-feminist who provokes other women to think highly of themselves while creating hate for others, then here’s how you can deal with them:

1. Keep the conversation short:

When you are conversating with a pseudo-feminist, then chances are they will mostly talk about their opinions and wouldn’t let you share yours. While it’s a good quality to be a patient listener, it is not ideal for you to spend too much time hearing what you most likely don’t abide by. In such situations, you can politely end the conversation and go back to following your routine.

2. You can contradict them about misandry:

It is truly strengthening to hear about empowering practices with regards to women but if it turns into an agenda of putting down other genders, then it is highly unappreciated. A real feminist believes in social, political and financial equality of all sexes but a pseudo-feminist often tend to portray misandry, evoking hate for those who aren’t women. If feasible, you can contradict them when they do so and enlighten them about the need for equality with regard to every living being on the planet.

3. Create awareness among the marginalised lot of the society:

If you are someone who is strongly opinionated and has a powerful influence on society, then you can make people aware of the repercussions that a pseudo-feminist can influence them with. A lot of marginalised people tend to get influenced by those who are fearless. Before the advocates of fake feminism try to inspire them in a negative manner, you can make it your responsibility to make them aware of the damage it can do to them in the longer run.

4. Choose to respect those who deserve it:

It is unfortunate that pseudo-feminists can be found in almost every part of society- among women, men, young and old individuals and social hierarchy. If you come across someone who you respect based on obligation but do not agree with, you can be vocal about your opinions instead of just letting them use their authority. With this, you can set a strong example for the coming generations who will help you break the conventional notions that revolve around the concrete patriarchal set-up around you.

5. Leave the relationship if necessary:

It is better to live in an environment that does not impose gender-based conditions on people rather than living in one that does. If you are someone who cannot stand discrimination of any kind towards people, then you must not give in to the persisting ideas that people are already following blindly. While you may have to pay a huge price by choosing to leave such a toxic environment, with this, you will also find new relationships that will be based on love and compassion rather than pure control and manipulation.

It is very much possible to identify pseudo-feminists and deal with them in your own way while not giving in to their idea of running a society. We as humans are the most evolved creatures on Earth and it is paramount for us to use our intellect before submitting ourselves to ongoing traditions- for there is nothing more powerful than ‘love’ in this world- it truly has the power to rise above all hate and make this world a better place for all kinds of people.

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