What all to learn from Falguni Nayar, India’s richest self-made female billionaire!

Nykaa recently made a blockbuster debut in the stocks market, putting its founder Falguni Nayar into spotlight. While she might not be the first entrepreneur to reach such a powerful stage, but she surely is a woman who we all should look forward to.

Falguni Nayar needs no introduction- founder and CEO of Nykaa, she has been in the news recently for becoming India’s richest woman who is a self-made billionaire.

Born and raised in a Gujarati family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this IIM-Ahmedabad graduate has worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank for 19 years before starting her own beauty and lifestyle retail company Nykaa in 2012 at the age of 50.

Seeing her recent success, people from around the world are taking a closer look at the values she possesses and what all they can learn from her hardships and struggles.

Here are 5 things to learn from this stellar woman of steel.

1. Start small- Nayar began her entrepreneurial journey with around 10–60 orders per day. Her idea was to sell the right product at the right price instead of a wrong product at half discounted price. For her, customer satisfaction was paramount and she only chased for it without running after numbers or immediate success.

What to learn: If you are someone who is planning to start their own business, then make sure you meet the expectations of your customers or target audience because they are the ones who decide the fate of your company!

2. Patience pays off- People in their 20s often tend to be impatient and try to have the best out of their career by changing jobs and fields every now and then- they want to be in a place which pays them the most. However, Falguni made sure to give her 100% in her previous job and then start something of her own when she felt she was capable of it. And we all know it was worth it!

What to learn: It is better to start something of your own after gaining useful insights and having some kind of valuable experience.

3. Age is really just a number- Shining at the age of 50 where many women go through hormonal changes due to menopause and other health-related conditions, Falguni did not step back from trying her luck and fulfilling her dreams. She had a clear goal in her mind that she worked on without getting too bothered by the roadblocks.

What to learn: A lot of people hold themselves back due to their age, background and other factors from following their dreams. They should instead do what makes them happy!

4. Be free-spirited as a woman- Nayar feels that a lot of women put unnecessary constraints on their minds and restrict themselves from working outside their household. Her journey shows that if leveraged the opportunity, a woman can do wonders in her personal and private life while thriving in both of them!

What to learn: Women from any background should not think that they are incapable of doing anything. While it important to have a personal life, they can also excel in their careers if they are willing to stand up for themselves.

5. Perseverance- Showing consistency in achieving your aim is something that most people can’t do- but Falguni has proved that if one has the sincerity and confidence to do something, they can achieve their targets the way have planned it. She made sure to not get too bothered or distracted by hurdles that came in between and instead just focussed on herself and her work- and there is no one who can come between that.

What to learn: Just having a dream is not enough, one must be sincere enough to fulfil it with utmost dedication and should not give up even if the path seems difficult.

Today, Falguni is a true inspiration for every woman out there who wish to kill stereotypes in their way. According to her, the mentality of the business community and society as a whole needs to change. Apart from the perception that only ‘men’ can take on the hard work, has to end. To ensure this, determination and will power that she feels are most important.

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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