Why Are Women Burdened with Infertility?

The world has expectations. Expectations from women to keep the world running. But what if that woman cannot? Due to some underlying circumstances she just cannot meet the world at the point they expect her to. Why is she burdened then? Let’s take a deeper view in this world of the womb

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Infertility has been a curse word to many women across the tribes, religions, countries so far. Women in Iran are not allowed to step out of their houses once society finds out she is infertile. Ghana women are banished from their tribe and left on their own as they are no longer of ‘use’. What is this infertility after all? Is it under the control of a woman to choose to be infertile? Well, Let’s see. Infertility is a disease in which the woman loses the ability to get pregnant. Even if she gives birth, the child is impaired or limited in some or other ways. Heterosexual couples can be infertile due to male problems or female. Sometimes, the cause is unknown despite lab tests and research. But majorly, causes of infertility are to be blamed on the female, like every other factor and hence the burden continues.

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Never Ending Demands of the World: At least 10% of women suffer from infertility and the causes are many, they can be age, problems with health, ovaries, stress and much more. But the problem isn’t just on the women’s end. Global data states that 50 million couples worldwide experience infertility. Studies estimating the global data employ different methodologies, including different operational variations of female infertility. Fertility factors can affect both men and women, but the majority of the focus is on the spotlight for women. They are blamed even when it’s not their fault.

Researches agree that women might face infertility due to infectious disease, or Chlamydia — problems in the fallopian tubes, pre-menopause issues, age factor — woman above 35 are less likely to get pregnant than the younger groups. Hormonal imbalance and thyroid factors are another few reasons out of many for women to get infertile. But see, the problem is, these issues cannot be cured in the majority of cases. The woman isn’t in control and thus it shouldn’t be blamed on her. The social burden of infertility causes major depression issues in women’s health overall leading to further more problems. It is said that in many religious sectors if the woman is infertile or not pregnant due to the man’s problem, in either of the cases the man is asked to divorce her or take another wife to fulfil the family’s demands.

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The Vicious Blame-Game: Here are a few comments documented by women worldwide experiencing the burden of infertility -

-“People taunt me at the school, the parents of my students tell me that I don’t have a knack of dealing with kids as I don’t have one, but the truth is, I want kids, but my husband cannot provide for me due to his health.” — Cameroon

-‘The people in my community are real gossip. They tell people that I am not a fit to be their friend as I have no kids and they do. I have no friends now.” — Ghana

-“ A woman who does not have a child must stay at home. So I live alone in my home” — Iran

-“Our culture demands that, for a woman to be socially acceptable, she should have at least one biological child else she is a cursed woman” — Kenya

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Women are expected to give birth as if it’s the only reason why she’s born. The connection of gender inequities is deep-rooted here. Research on male infertility lacks on a tremendous scale. Nobody pinpoints that side of the world or even shifts the lenses once to see through the other perspective. This reinforces the gender-related stigma. This region of infertility needs thorough scientific research on inquiring about sec and gender-based infertility research. Everything shouldn’t be burdened on women. Especially not the things that she isn’t even in control of. The world needs inequality and equity. This war has begun since ages and there are several branches that need to be addressed.

Bottom Line: What do you think are the pressing issues in women’s infertility? Do you think it’s fair to blame the woman, if not how can we solve this together? We would love to hear your perspective in the comments below.

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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