Why is journaling important for your mental health?

Journaling helps you to improve your emotional and mental health. It creates a road map in your mind, which prevents you to be overwhelmed with your thoughts.

Have you wondered why so many people pour their hearts inside a journal? How does journaling is a passion for so many people even when they do not enjoy writing in particular?

It is simply because, for some people, journaling is just like going to the gym every day. It is their mental routine.

Journaling is an important routine to be more expressive and map out your emotional journey. Through journaling, one can assess and reflect upon their actions.

Also journaling fosters creative thoughts and helps to channel it better. So for short story writers and poets, journaling is surely a creative outlet.
But more than anything, journaling helps to improve your emotional and mental health.

Let us understand more effectively the importance of journaling on your mental health

1) Mental mapping of emotions

Every day our mind is filled with emotions. These emotions run on a rollercoaster. It makes us overwhelmed and we might lash out at others. However, journaling helps to mentally map your emotions and assess them better. Rather than overthinking, you write down solutions of how to handle it by mapping your next set of actions and thought processes. Journaling provides clarity to the thoughts

2) Reflect on our actions

All actions have an equal amount of consequences. Often, we blame the consequences of our actions on others or fate. This is a form of self-deception. Through journaling, one gets to take charge of their actions. Journaling helps a person to reflect upon their actions. It helps a person to understand what alternative actions could have been taken to mitigate a problem. Journaling helps our minds to be proactive than being reactive.

3) Prevent stress

Journaling is a very therapeutic method to combat stress. When we feel stressed out with an incident or a negative thought, by journaling we get to cope better with our stress. Through journaling, we build a routine to think about our cause of stress and take charge to prevent it.

Journaling, slowly helps you to navigate through stress.

4) Emotional outlet

Many people are not always able to say what they exactly feel. They keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. Burying your emotions can eat you inside out. Hence, it is better to let them than constantly keep quiet. Writing a journal helps you to let out your emotion and your negative thoughts on paper. It helps you restart with a fresh set of emotions and thoughts.

Whether one is an introvert or extrovert, journaling helps everyone acting as an emotional outlet.

5) Plan better

In life , we all have certain ambitions and goals. Writing them down in a journal is a method of affirming and visualizing your goals. It helps you to plan every step of action which you can achieve.

You can track the progress of your plan through journaling. You can reflect if you are deviating from your goal or what you can do better.

6) Bettering the memory

We often are glued to our phones and Netflix. This causes cognitive decline. We do not remember many details that happened over the course of the day. Through journaling, one can recall their thoughts of the day.

Journaling has a lot of benefits for the mind. It is a therapeutic technique that is good for your emotional and cognitive health. So if you want to take steps to improve your emotional quotient and handle stress, try journaling.

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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Fuzia stands for Fusion of different cultures & ideas. We are a global community of females that aims to promote creativity through guidance & help from experts

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