Why Is Muesli The Ultimate Superfood That Women Must Include In Their Diets?

Be it for weight loss or increasing blood count to fight anaemia, women should have muesli.

For women, taking care of nutritional needs is much crucial that we are more prone to anaemia and osteoporosis. With our busy schedules and hectic work, we often tend to miss out on wholesome meals and miss out on our daily nutritional requirements.

It is important that women consume and include superfoods in their diet. One such superfood to buy and consume is muesli.

Yes, it is the ultimate superfood that you can have for a filling and healthy breakfast, a light lunch, or even snack on it with some yoghurt. It has the essential nutrients which can help your body. So buy muesli, consume it, and see its benefits.

Let us look at the benefits of eating muesli

1) Help You Being The Iron Lady

Well, not literally, but yes, muesli is a superfood that is high in iron. Having it with citrus fruits can help your body to absorb iron. This allows better circulation of oxygen in the body and reduces fatigue. Women with anaemia must consume muesli as a part of their diet. Having muesli with almonds and nuts makes it a wholesome iron-rich meal.

2) No More Constipation

Due to unhealthy food habits, both men and women face constipation. Women during their menstrual cycle also face irritable bowel movements. As a superfood with whole grains and high fibre content, Muesli can improve your gut health. Muesli has insoluble fibres that keep you satiated, thereby limiting binge-eating habits. It also helps in regulating bowel movements.

3) Ideal for Pre and Post Natal Health

For pregnant and lactating mothers, muesli is highly beneficial as a superfood. Firstly is because of the fibre content that prevents constipation. Secondly, it is high in vitamins which helps to boost the immunity of both mother and child. It is even more essential for lactating mothers to consume muesli to reduce fatigue. Muesli has wheat flakes and oats that help to improve milk production in the breasts.

4) Secret of Energy

Muesli is a powerhouse of energy. It has good carbohydrates to keep your body charged the whole day. Nutritionists suggest that muesli should be consumed with nuts, fruits, and milk to make it a power-packed breakfast bowl full of nutrients. It is a more healthy breakfast option than cornflakes.

Muesli also helps to improve the metabolism in the body as it takes time to digest.

5) Diabetic Friendly

For people with diabetes and who want to control their sugar cravings, muesli is very much useful. It has low sugar and can be eaten as a snack with honey at any time. This way, the superfood also keeps the calories in check.

6) Shield of Immunity

A bowl of muesli with fruits and nuts takes care of your wellness and builds immunity in your body. It contains all the essential vitamins- A,K,E,D and C. It is a multi-vitamin food that helps to improve the immune system in the body and also helps in the absorption of iron and calcium for bone health. In the winters, consuming muesli with raisins and dried fruit nuts keeps the body warm.

7) Healthy Heart

Regular consumption of muesli can improve your cardiac health. It has a sufficient amount of beta-glucan, which enables to reduce LDL cholesterol level by 10 per cent. It is even better if muesli is consumed with fresh berries and oranges for vitamin C, which checks blood pressure in the body.

8) Anti-Ageing Food

Women always have to think about ageing. They use cosmetic products to reduce signs of ageing, but instead of that, they should slow down ageing within the body by having food items rich in antioxidants. Muesli has antioxidants that eliminate the damage caused by free radicals, thereby slowing down the ageing in your body.

Muesli is a superfood that women should include in their diet every day. Having it in your home kitchen shelf will protect them from diseases, make their bones strong, and even ensure that they save money on botox and anti-aging creams. So in your next grocery shopping list, do not forget to buy muesli.

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