Why is Online Learning the Future of Job-Oriented Education?

Being updated is not an option anymore and it has become a need of an hour. Learning new skills through online learning has become the new normal. Read this article further to know more about the topic and some op industry skills that one can look at to upskill.

Covid has changed a lot of people’s lives, a lot of things and made us learn a bunch of more things. One of those things is “online learning”! However, upskilling while in school, college, or at work can be difficult. That’s where companies like Fuzia Learning, which offers online courses and certifications, come to the rescue, providing a wide range of curriculum and study materials that anyone can pursue from the comfort of their own home.

Let’s start by seeing how industries and companies look at online courses today vis a vis earlier:

The world is always changing and developing, new discoveries in industry and the way people live are being made virtually every day. Human job skills are being devoured by machines. Automation, robotics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI) have recently
demonstrated that they can perform work as good as people, if not better. And the rivalry is so fierce that if a person is not current and up to date, they risk being left behind.
I know, I know this can trickle a sense of anxiety to you but trust me there are more important aspects and benefits to learning new skills online.

As many as 83 percent of corporate leaders believe that an online degree from a “recognised” college is equivalent to an on-campus degree. In fact, 61 percent of HR executives agree that online learning is on par with or better than traditional approaches. In the last 12 months, 71% of companies said they had hired a job applicant with an online degree as they seemed more relevant for their role.

Most advanced degrees, according to 52% of respondents, will be completed online in the future because of time management and cost efficiency. Online education, facilitated by technology, will eventually be better than traditional face-to-face instruction, according to 33% of respondents.

However, not all online degree programmes are made equal and they are definitely restricted to a certain demographic and economic situation; anyhow the employers tend to look at your credentials differently depending on where you got your online degree and also with specific eligibility marks.

More crucially, with a market share of 40.78 percent in 2021, the educational market from kindergarten to high school has dominated the global industry. Ed-tech has a market worth of 127 billion dollars (approximately) in 2022, and is predicted to produce 430 billion dollars (approximately) in revenue by 2030, with a 16.5 percent annual growth rate.

Core benefits of Online learning to make you job-ready!

There are always pros and cons for every topic you take and this isn’t an exception. This blog not only speaks about, “Why is online learning is the future of job-oriented education” it also gives you a good comparison to look closely at the topic and choose wisely.

1. Flexibility: When it comes to juggling between your education, careers, chorus, and work-life balance, the online mode is easier than the old, rigid and traditional offline manner. Online education provides you with more bandwidth and comfort.
2. Specialization: Online education provides you with a large array of alternatives and specializations from all around the world, however, offline education may not provide you with a specific area of interest.
3. Less barrier: By utilizing subtitles, you may learn any course, even if it is in a different language. Learning is not limited to your neighbourhood, town, state, or country. Even if you are unable to travel to their location, you can learn from the greatest of the best experts.
4. Opportunity to connect: Students can also network with peers from distant countries or even continents through online education. This frequently leads to further opportunities for collaboration with other individuals in the project’s implementation. At the same time, their exposure to other cultures makes them culturally aware and able to readily integrate into diverse situations.
5. Cost-efficient: This is one of the main reasons why future generations would prefer online education over traditional education since it is more cost-effective. Certain offline courses may cost a fortune, yet the same course may cost far less online. Other cost-cutting measures include textbooks, travel, stationery, accommodation, etc.

There are numerous other advantages to online education, including comfort, good casual bonding with professors, the ability to work at your own pace, the ability to save power, the reduction of noise pollution, and so on.

Online education is more relatable: Let me tell you why!

We prefer to get things done as soon as feasible. We are more interested in a situation that moves quickly. For one assignment, who wants to study the entire textbook and Google everything? I don’t believe that anyone wants to do it anymore, and frankly, we don’t have the time every time! It is simpler and easier for you to obtain an education through the internet. One entire chapter can be covered and described in a 5-minute video that is simple to comprehend, accessible at all times, and saves a lot of time.

We don’t have to write down all of our notes because these internet materials are available anytime with a simple description. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are just a few of the developing technologies that make this platform more intellectually entertaining and interesting than traditional techniques. The online education method allows you to have personalized, focused and structured lectures that are nevertheless interesting.

Some top industry skills that one can look at to upskill themselves:

Online education, especially to upskill you for your job might sound easy and offers you various options; but at the same time it can be a daunting task and also a pivotal one to make the right decision. That is why here is a guide for a few courses that one can look forward to quickly earn money without investing a lot of time.

1. Digital marketing
2. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
3. Creative Writing
4. Graphic designing
5. E-commerce and Affiliate marketing
6. Full Stack Development
7. Business Analytics and Data Science
8. Art Courses

These are some of the courses which you can look up on the internet and learn within no time. They not only will help you to upskill and make your professional portfolio more attractive but will also help you to earn side incomes, build your start-ups, switch your job with a better role and whatnot!

You can start your upskilling journey with the Fuzia learning platform which is trusted by 5 million + working professionals within 30 countries around the world.

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