“Without universal human rights and the realization of their importance, we could end up stealing the essence of life from each other.”

History has abundant evidence to prove that bad times and good times are not very separate from each other. A famous quote says that bad times create strong men, strong men create good times and good times create weak men. This means that the world-politics suddenly going extreme is a direct consequence of the fact that world politics had at one point attained some level of collective consciousness.

The reason this happens is very elaborate and interesting.

Human beings are predominantly led by their survival instincts which make us all more or less very similar to each other. We are all led immensely by fear and insecurity and eventually, we all try to save ourselves from each other. We become someone’s threat and we are simultaneously threatened by someone. And right now, the world is again at a position where universal human rights have become more important than it ever has in this century. There are many reasons for this-


The problem with the structure of the economy all over the world is that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Rich and poor is not just a financial distinction. It is a power-distinction. The increase in poor people in a country also means an increase in the exploited and suppressed population. This is known as consensual exploitation where a person knows that they are being exploited but they oblige for the lack of better options.

Since the pandemic happened, the economy all over the world had changed unexpectedly for the worse. People are unemployed and a section of the population is about to become way poorer than they already are. This will lead to a lot of exploitation. It is important that at this time there be enough awareness about universal human rights so that the people can protect themselves against these exploitations.

Picture credit- Change.org

Like we said before human beings need consciousness to realize that we are all one in the end and the differences that we assume between us and others are mere delusions. But we do not always realize that. Every now and then, like a cycle, communities begin to fear and hate each other. The world has seen one of the most inclusive decades recently with the black movement, minority awareness, discussions about unacknowledged privileges, etc. being highlighted with the emergence of social media. This also means that the traditional and slightly outdated ideologies like the caste system and blatant capitalism also gained attention.

Just like any revolution to ever have happened in the world, here too the part of the population that was being benefited by the disparities started to oppose the changes and openly started to propagate the ideas of traditionalism and hierarchies.

This lead to the world once again be divided into the left and right wings, making the minority face major discrimination as the majorities oppress them to secure their position in society. And that’s what has been happening in the world recently.
The suppression against black communities worldwide, and the suppression again minorities in India is more than ever right now.
This is now the reason we need awareness about universal human rights, more than ever at the moment.

Picture credit- National security society

Like we mentioned earlier that this polarity between the privileged and unprivileged comes more naturally to human beings than you might consider. But as most people think, the fight is not actually between communities or religions or financial classes. The fight is and has always been between awareness and unawareness. Natural defensive instincts that make us think in boxes and boundaries and awareness and inclusive consciousness that make us realize that we are all indeed one.
So it is important to understand that the awareness about universal human rights is not simply about empowering the ones that are being discriminated against in society.

The truth is that the true potential joy and experience of being a human being is only achieved inclusively.

So once again the time has come for us to propagate the importance of equal rights and fundamental rights than a human being deserves just for being a human being.
Without them and the realization of their importance, we could end up stealing the essence of life from each other.
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